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Ralph - A Good Girl (Debut Album) + 2019 Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, May 31, 2015.

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  2. Come on peeps this is amazing! No-one else loving this??
  3. I spent yesterday afternoon listening to this on replay... I don't hear Disco, I hear Stevie Nicks album track and love it just as much.
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  4. Hearing the Stevie Nicks element since you mentioned it.
  5. Aghhhhh I LOVE IT. I wish somehow it could be a hit...
  6. Love the video and obsessed with the song.
  7. Seriously this is in my top 5 tracks of the year so far. So good for driving in the sunshine to.
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  10. Cold to the touch is a mildly guilty pleasure for me.
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  12. R92


    Holy shit, a Ralph thread! Saw her live last year, and it was some truly solid stuff. It's always nice to see someone local doing well.
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  13. New tune 'Busy Man'. Looking forward to an album.
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  14. I love "Cold To The Touch" and this newest one. Does she have an EP coming soon?
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  15. This girl is seriously good. New tune 'Tease'. No Soundcloud or YouTube as yet.
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  16. I've loved everything she's done so far, and this is no different. She's serving Kristen Wiig in that video.
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  17. Awesome video.
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  18. Wow, I'm blown away by the song and video. They're both so rock solid and pretty.

    Definitely going to explore her tunes.
  19. Tease is sublime!
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