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Ralph - A Good Girl (Debut Album) + 2019 Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, May 31, 2015.

  1. The idea that she'll deliver three albums of wall-to-wall bops in three years... we love a Canadian work ethic.
  2. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    WHEW yes I'm ready for more Bop-It Ralph!
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  3. Did people actually want a dance banger from her though?
  4. yeah, she literally did a poll on twitter asking this question haha
  5. ddd the basic gays win again
  6. From what I remember she had two songs ready, a house-inspired track and a sad slow one, and she asked which one people wanted to hear first. I trust her, and I think this (because it's different) is being released outside of an album/EP campaign.

    She'll probably be back to her regular programming schedule after.
  7. Saw her tonight in Toronto! She did a free show as part of Canada Day. Her stage presence and vocals have gotten even better and her band sounded greater than ever, lots of little flourishes that made the songs come to life. Everyone was dancing along and having a great time by the halfway point, the crowd were literally begging for an encore (Bedroom Eyes) by the time she did her fakeout last song. She did the whole album, Young Hearts Run Free, 3 songs from the EP and 2 new songs - the first one sounded very late 90s and the second (Gravity) is her boppiest song yet. She was literally running to her car after the show flanked by 2 security guards which made me really happy! Finally she's getting the star treatment she deserves

    Also the announcer said that her album's coming out this fall!


    Also I saw a few homosexualists who knew every song who I'm sure are part of this board
  8. Oop I forgot this was tonight. I assumed it was tomorrow. Damn that's quite the extensive setlist, she did the entire album plus more! When will my favs?
  9. This is excellent. She continues to deliver.
  10. I don't use the word underrated ever, but she really is. The album is fantastic
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  11. This is such a quality bop!
  12. She always delivers. I can't wait for more. I think she's just gonna get better and better.
  13. Queen of quality control. She's incapable of releasing a bad song, right?
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  14. I love her.
  15. A Good Girl was in my top 5 releases of last year, and the new track does not disappoint.
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  16. This song. We've lost Buss Control.
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