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Ramsey (BANKS from a parallel dimension)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Tiger Suit, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Ramsey is an LA-based singer/songwriter/producer creating dark electronic music that draws influence from Glass Animals and Phantogram.
    From a vocal standpoint, it's music full of melancholy and anger. There's almost a Fiona Apple style rawness about it. She's a voice that's definitely not for everyone, but she's worth a listen!

    Self-titled EP out on the 24th of Feb

    Other tracks include;

    @backstreetjoe, @NecessaryVoodoo, @Vasilios, @Jwentz, @DarkSacoura, @brunogrey
  2. 'See You Bleed' is a little grating, but I really like the other three songs you shared. Her voice works well with the dark production.
  3. I fucking love this. FUCK. Definitely the weird side of Banks that I adore.

    Why is 'If You Let Me' not on Spotify????? It's so good.
  4. Where is she?! I miss her tortured voice!
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  6. Is new music coming yet?????
  7. It's definitely on the way, but she's not given any clues as to when yet.

    I'm okay waiting for a little while longer; the EP and standalone songs are all so strong that they still give me life.
    Who You Do it For is on daily rotation in my flat.
  8. Sneaky goddess of sin released a cover of 'Cold' by The Cure a few weeks back for a soundtrack to 1985

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