Random Charts, Rates Etc Thoughts

@berserkboi kinda predicting the theme of the current PJ Retro round with this particular post...
Thinking about that time in a song contest (I think it was Xtra) when we were told to share a city or country we liked and/or wanted to go to and @saviodxl found a way to reference Czech Hunter
For what it's worth I'd probably rank "Allo réseau" the highest of those if they were all in the same contest today. But yeah basically if anyone in Retro enters some kind of hazy 5+ minute disco thing from the 1970s or 80s with a chicken scratch guitar I can't help but become this gif

I truly underappreciated Kim Wilde. This woman has more classics to her name than I thought. Even songs I am rediscovering during her comeback in the zeroes.
As I just finished her Singles Rate and made some discoveries - I confirm this! She even got me to 10 some 00s Pop Rock! <333
On that note I really regret not pushing to drop themes when PJOPS evolved into PJRetro. I don't recall if that was something that was even discussed at the time, but it would have been the perfect opportunity for it, but oh well.

Also now that we're so used to the name PJRetro, it's funny to think the contest was close to being called PJXX or PJOSC instead


PJXX - the amazing Ant & Dec / Basement Jaxx collab that could have been.
he/him/basic cishomo
God, these two songs came in stomping right before my life went to its first proper shit phase, my Britney Jean. The calm before the storm! The bop before the neurosis!

*the lights fade*
*a vaguely pensive ditty from a random episode of The Closer begins playing*

I naturally just smoked a j and listened to both under the stars and I really, really felt that. Sometimes it's good to just reflect a bit on how much we've grown. I overcame crippling social barriers that I thought I was going to die with. And I forget that sometimes, yanno? I dedicate so much of my conscious thought toward the shit things in my life, as I guess we're wired to do really. But we can use it to heal too, dammit.

Anyway - they're great right? Both served up to me from here.