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The best thing about driving is that you get optimal speakers for enjoying music.

I know this was in my top 20 songs of the 2010s plus another 12 for the ages via the PJSC. But only today did I really take in the lyrics and connect and relate to them.
Another level of this song I didn't know it had.

Then other upbeat slightly danceable mid-tempos followed.

C could be the best letter for the PJSC.
I'm missing a PJXtra gold and a PJSC bronze for that accolade!
I meant to do this at the beginning of January but kept forgetting! Just a little recap of my favourite Song Contest Discoveries Of 2023 and thanks to the participants who brought them into my life!

Starting with the All-Timers (pre-2023) that I still listen to frequently:

@TéléDex - Amour Combat, I Can't Sop The Loneliness
@Jeffo - Heartbreak On Vinyl, The Beast In Me
@slaybellz - Hit Pop, Making A Scene
@Disco Blister - Ypofero, Tu T'en Iras, Duri Duri

This year - @chanex showed me that if I ever wanted a fantastic night out - all I had to do was join in the party they were DJing at with these 2 dance masterpieces!

@WoW73 scores a massive one with me too on this one:

I feel it in me waters that these three will be going into the All-Timers list in no time too!!

Next - it is SHOCK! HORROR! BEWILDERMENT (is that a word??)!!

@WowWowWowWow has done the impossible and got me stanning a Kate Ryan song courtesy the PJ00s Adjacent Contest:

What is this sorcery????!!

The below two are rediscoveries but I checked and I seriously no longer had these 2 on my iriver (which I still use in my partner's car for music)

@soratami reminding me of this great one I thought I had, but apparently hadn't heard in years (The iriver had Heartbeat, Chewing Gum and Greatest Hit only for Queen Annie) courtesy PJ00s+ Adjacent

@Up N Down also played a great game in the last Relaxed Retro by stanning Gran Turismo (Cardigans) and the best album track from it - Paralyzed

To quote ABBA - Thank you for the music everyone!! <333
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