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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. I feel like we could really benefit from having a general thread for discussing all things Eurovision. Especially if we want to talk about past contests/entries without taking the yearly threads off on a tangent. So lemme open the thread by talking about Anouk's Birds. I've been listening to Sad Singalong Songs again recently and it's still such a great capsule of work, something I don't think she's bettered before or since.

    Not Anouk performing the most depressing song of the 2013 contest and getting Holland their first qualification in nine years and their highest finishing entry since 1999. Anouk did that.


    The Common Linnets did even better the following year but who even remembers them (don't @ me).

    So go! Post your Eurovision related random thoughts, discussion points, performances etc.
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  2. The Common Linnets was on of the best entrants ever. This one, not so much.
  3. I love Anouk, but don't see anything remotely interesting in The Commom Linnets.
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  4. The Common Linnets were talented but they weren't anything special. I think I only liked them because they were so different to every other entry that year.
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  5. The Common Linnets staging was particularly stellar, I wasn't fussed about them pre-semis but they really delivered on the evening(s).

    I guess this would be the right thread for me admit I've been getting my Holly Valance on to this long forgotten ESC winner:

    "HAH! *manic shimmying*"
  6. That is NOT forgotten! I play it every year at my Eurovision party. What a tune.
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  7. I don't know if this is a Random Eurovision Thought or should be saved for a "Your Eurovision Darkest Secrets" thread, and in general my taste is often... questionable... but I have no shame about my continued adoration for "Don't Play That Song Again" by Nicki French.

    The backing dancers/singers are entirely too much though.
  8. I love that one too. Was gutted it flopped so hard.

  9. This almost ran for Song For Europe is one of my guilty pleasures.

  10. What. A. Moment.
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  11. The Slovenian Christina Aguilera.

    My favorite that year.
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  12. Island

    Island Staff Member

    My Number One is an iconic bop.
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  13. Is anyone else still gagged at the Czech Republic somehow getting zero televotes points last year?? I could not believe it.
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  14. Yeah, it was disappointing to say the least. I think she'd have done a lot better had she performed near the end of the show.

    Now this, what an injustice.
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  15. K94


    2010 was everything.
  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    This is so iconic.
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  17. Not to mention both the below:

    2010 certainly matched its high class bangers with high key trash mind - the true ying/yang spectacle.

    To think that that was one of Belarus' only qualifying entries is astounding.
  18. The Belarusian butterfly wings unfurling still gives me nightmares.

  19. This is one of my favourite Eurovision songs, and I think it would have been a stronger contender if the staging didn't look like they threw the guys up totally unrehearsed about where to stand.
  20. I've been listening to the official karaoke version of last year's album (which I didn't know were a thing until a couple of weeks ago) so I can live out my own Eurovision fantasies hear how the tracks are constructed because I'm a nerd like that, and Justs' Heartbeat seems to be the most interesting of the bunch. It unsurprisingly features substantial contributions from Aminata on backing vocals.

    Queen of Latvia, stock photos and backing vocals.
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