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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Bulgaria winning the Olympics with their 2007 Eurovision song. Love to see it.

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  2. Looks like it's ESC 1992 on EurovisionAgain tonight!

  3. Oh no. RIP.
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  4. Is it weird that this is my all-time favourite Sweden Eurovision entry?
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  5. His demonic powers seem to get him through every door in the universe.
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  6. Despite her shaky vocals and weird staging, this not even qualifying will never not be shocking to me. I thought this was an easy top 5.
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  7. Does anyone here traces of the Framling chorus melody in the new Abba song?

  8. You're not alone. I've seen several Swedish TikToks pointing this out as well.

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  9. This "mix" I did back in May is probably the most poptastic 3 hours of music you will ever hear.

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  10. RIP Maria Mendiola (1952-2021), one half of Spanish duo Baccara of UK#1 disco smash Yes Sir I Can Boogie and representing Luxembourg on Eurovision 1978 fame. (She's the one in white.)

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  12. Congratulations and jubilations. This months #Eurovision goes way back to 1968.

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  13. Robbed of victory, twice. The nerve.

  14. Loving this song for years, I recently kept coming back to it and can now confidently say it's one of my favourite Eurovision entries of all time:

    The flawless composition, the gorgeous instrumental, the drama, the pristine vocals, the heavenly ad-libs near the end, the camera work, the staging, Sandra (the singer) looking like a goddess.
    It's all so epic that it seems too good for Eurovision.
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  15. Does ANYBODY like Verona other than me.

    I feel like it gets nothing but hatred and I don't understand why.

  16. It was my most played song of 2017. Gutted when it didn't qualify. Still listen to it around once a week now
  17. RIP Claude Lombard (1945-2021)

    She represented Belgium in Eurovision 1968 in London (which #EurovisionAgain aired last Saturday).

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  18. Nooo... I was listening to this song the other day. It's always been among my faves of the early Eurovision days, such a stunning entry and it eventually became my favourite from 1968 edition.
    This is not the only time she appeared at this contest, since she was also a backing singer for Belgium's 1973 Eurovision entry.

    Since 1980's, Claude went on to have a career in voice acting and singing theme songs, mainly for animated series:

    (calling @berserkboi)

    Such a shame she passed away.
  19. I thought Verona was fan favourite. At least, it was the Estonian song that was voted to be in the #EurovisionAgain semifinal special.
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