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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Im sure ive posted this before but a few gins in had to post it again. That intro to Shady Lady some of the biggest pop girls wish they had a intro that iconic coming down on a gold phoneix come through production. The entire song and performance that starts at 1:49:50 Im obsessed with every second. Please grace the Eurovision stage with your presence again Ani its been far too long.
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  2. Sorry for the double post but had to appreciate another Eurovision queen the tear from Estonia 2015 providing a bop and a video with so many looks queen
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  3. This is so sad.
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  4. What in the Gordon Ramsey?

  5. Behind the scenes at Acorn Antiques ...
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  6. Demy (Greece, 2017) has a new English bop out.

    The original in Greek has a music video out already.
  7. Part of the running order draw for ESC 1999. It was ESC 1978 winner Izhar Cohen who drew eventual winners Sweden to perform at 15.

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  8. 1999 was such a step back in overall quality compared to the tech advances in Dublin 97 and the overall sleekness of Birmingham 98. Everything about it just screams "cheap".
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  9. Including a cheap winner. Sorry not sorry.
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  10. The songs were so poor in 1999. Such a letdown after the really high quality from the year previous. I guess Iceland was the best song that year but there are only a handful that are worth listening to, compared with a solid 15 or 16 good to great songs from 1998 (and all in national languages).

    1999 just looks and sounds like cheap karaoke.
  11. Ladies, this is the tracklisting circulating for Intention by Doctor Anna Bergendahl:

    1. Higher Power.
    2. Kingdom Come.
    3. Bottom Of This Bottle.
    4. Grain Of Trust.
    5. Thelma And Louise.
    6. Together In The Dark.
    7. Less Alone.
    8. Made Of You.
    9. Vera.
    10. Speak Love.
    11. Home.
    12. Ashes To Ashes.
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  12. So let me get this gay, her Intention is to release an album… comprised entirely of songs that have already been released? What is the point?!
  13. As long as we get Album 3, I'm more than happy with it.
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  14. Since she was already very successful in the Francophone countries by then, I've always thought that Céline Dion had been chosen internally to represent Switzerland in 1988, but she did go through the national final. (Furbaz, who would represent Switzerland in the following year on their home turf, came second.)

    PS: Joyeux anniversaire, Céline.
  15. I always wondered why they changed the verb in the third-last line from chercher to voler for the Eurovision final.
  16. Not to mention the decision of Kan to completely get rid of the orchestra.
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  17. I couldn't get tickets for the show but I'm gonna be in Turin for the Eurovision's week. Any tips on things to do/places to be Eurovision-related?
  18. Eurovision 1982 in Harrogate was 40 years ago. Here's a BBC trailer with presenter Jan Leeming.

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  19. Hosting an international contest watched by more than 200 million people in a conference center remains a choice.
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