Random Eurovision Thoughts

Did not realize Tamar was Rosa’s manager

We all know Gina G was too ahead of her time... but how did this absolutely gorgeous song not win in 1996?? It has melody for days and even a little hint of celtic music. Were the juries just dying for another Ireland win?

Croatia was leading the scoreboard for a while and I was about to faint thinking my country could actually win.

Maybe her screaming was too much in the end ddd.

At that time it was really heard to win if the song wasn‘t english.
Sometimes I rewatch Eurovision voting sequences because what else do I have to do with my life. And it always makes me chuckle when, during last year’s show, the United Kingdom delegation would basically be the last people in the room to react to their receiving 12 points when the country announcing it was speaking French… presumably because none of them had ever heard Le Royaume-Uni said out loud at Eurovision!
Heddy Lester (1950-2023)

Dutch singer and actress Heddy Lester passed away on January 29 at age 72. Lester represented The Netherlands at Eurovision 1977 in London with De Mallemolen ("the merry-go-round"), wearing a dress stylized as a tulip and finished in 12th place. According to Dutch eurofans, despite its midtable result, the song has gone to become one of the most beloved Dutch entries.

Who else has this CD? Still one of my most played Eurovision related CD's


1-1MassielLa, La, La
1-2Salomé-Vivo Cantando
1-4Vicky LeandrosDann Kamst Du
1-5Betty MissiegoSu Canción
1-6Cliff RichardPower to All Our Friends
1-7Johnny LoganWhat's Another Year
1-8Bucks FizzMaking Your Mind Up
1-9Remedios AmayaQuién Maneja Mi Barca
1-10MocedadesEres Tú
1-11Azucar MorenoBandido
1-12Linda MartinWhy Me?
1-13Edyta GórniakTo Nie Ja
1-14Katrina And The WavesLove Shine A Light
1-15Olsen BrothersFly On The Wings Of Love
1-16Rosa LópezEurope's Living A Celebration (Live Recording)
1-17Sertab ErenerEvery Way That I Can
2-1Conchita WurstRise Like A Phoenix
2-2LordiHard Rock Hallelujah
2-3Helena PaparizouMy Number One
2-5Soraya ArnelasLa Noche Es Para Mí
2-6Pastora SolerQuédate Conmigo
2-8Charlotte PerrelliHero
2-9Ivi AdamouLa La Love
2-10AySel & ArashAlways
2-11Nina ZilliL'Amore È Fammina
2-12Emmelie De ForestOnly Teardrops
2-13Krista SiegfridsMarry Me
2-14Ruth LorenzoDancing In The Rain
2-17The Common LinnetsCalm After The Storm
2-18Måns ZelmerlöwHeroes
2-20BareiSay Yay!