Random Eurovision Thoughts

Every year when it gets close to Eurovision I have to go back to my queens amazing tour. Ms Lorak had all the dollars for production on this. I dont understand a word she is saying in the entire concert but I love every second. Especially the song and performance that starts at 1:49:30. She could copy and paste that to any year of Eurovision and be a winner or top 5
Aisel: ~*misty moon i'm ur loon, let's ro-*~

Thinking about this again again
So she’s too special to actually do Eurovision, but she’ll host Benidorm and release songs that are basically just remakes of Eurovision songs?

Make it make sense!!
Anita Tallahaug (1938-2023)

Anita Tallahaug passed away last Monday at age 85. In 1963, she represented Norway at Eurovision with the song Sollherv after Nora Brockstedt (Norway 1960-61), who sang it at the national final, declined to compete at London citing scheduling conflicts. At Eurovision, the song was one of the four who failed to score any points. Tallahaug never recorded Sollherv. (As far as I remember, this and Belgium 1979 are the only songs that don't have any studio recording by the artist who sang it at Eurovision.)

Plus, watch out for Anita in this program of Norwegian TV parodying ESC 1965, where she does an 2-in-1 impersonation of Spain's Conchita Bautista and Portugal's Simone de Oliveira.

He is probably trollng but he is super big and could Turkey really return?

On a level, he's not actually trolling: We're going to a general election, right after the day on Eurovision which is May 14th. Some of the opposition parties (to be more exact, 6 parties) formed an alliance to go against Erdoğan and things are currently spiced up in Turkey. Turkish public wants to come back to Eurovision and if we could change the ruling party, possibilities for Turkey to return will be open again.
My current top ten Eurovision faves (only one entry per country):

1. United Kingdom

Frances Ruffelle - Lonely Symphony (1994)
Gina G - Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit
Bardo - One Step Further
Katrina & The Waves - Love Shine A Light

2. Israel

Harel Skaat - Milim (2010)
Dana International - Diva

3. Ireland

Ryan O’Shaughnessy - Together (2018)
Johnny Logan - Hold Me Now
Niamh Kavanagh - In Your Eyes

4. Sweden

Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off (2018)
Charlotte Perrelli - Hero
John Lundvik - Too Late For Love

5. Denmark

Chanee & N’Evergreen - A Moment Like This (2010)
6. Australia

Jessica Mauboy - We Got Love (2018)

7. Malta

Fabrizio Faniello - I Do (2001)

8. Germany

Nicole - Ein Bisschen Frieden (1982)
Roger Cicero - Frauen Regier’n Die Welt

9. Norway

Bobbysocks - La Det Swinge (1985)
Stella Mwangi - Haba Haba

10. Estonia

Elina Born & Stig Rasta - Goodbye To Yesterday (2015)
Ott Lepland - Kuula