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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. A&E


    The televote in the Lithuanian NF that year was 100% behind GegayGegay & Beth Ditto with a boppy gay/lesbian solidarity anthem. (GG also provided another banger in this year's NF)

    Unfortunately the stuck up jury were the only ones to decide the winner of the super-final that year and seems they liked that the str8 guy had named his shoes. They really played themselves, as they ended up having to raise funds for the shitty song to get properly produced dddd.
  2. Omg yas you just served me tea and receipts.
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  3. So I am currently in Oslo and went for lunch today with a friend who lives here.

    While we were waiting to be seated my friend struck up a conversation with a lovely lady. All the way through I thought she looked a lot like a certain Eurovision legend but obviously it would be ridiculous to go to Oslo and meet the only Norweigian singer I have ever heard of (apart from Morten Harket). After she left my friend started explaining who she was and I totally geeked out because it was indeed Elisabeth Andreassen from Bobbysocks! My earliest eurovision memory was their win. She still looks amazing and was lovely!

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  4. My actual dream in life.
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  5. This is still one of my favourite Eurovision songs ever. That chorus is such a high. Still think this could've won if her vocals had been better on the night. It also amuses me that the next year's winner is one of her backing singers.
  6. When Malta gave Scooch 12 points


  7. Where is this ex-boyfriend. I’ve never felt the urge to punch somebody in the face as strongly as I do right now.
  8. conchita is mom <3
  9. Does everybody understand?

    It's about Conchita outing herself as having been HIV positive for years now. She only makes it public because a former friend threatens to go with this information public.

    She says "I don't give anybody the right to scare me or to influence my life in such a way".

    These are certainly the news of today in Austria. And they are treated very respectfully.

    I'm so sorry for Tom. When I think of the moment he got these news he must have been devastated.


    This is the article of the Austrian press, one of the most serious newspapers in Austria. If anyone needs a translation I'm glad to help out.
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  10. I lose it every time I see this gif:

  11. I love memays

  12. Not King Sakis with another BOP

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    • HOW I FEEL?
    • MY NEEEeeeEEEDS?
    I CAN'T:
    • GO BACK


    • HOW I FEEL?
    • MY LIIIIiiiiFE?
  14. Sergey Lazarev and Dima Bilan are dreamy. <3
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  15. Me whenever I hear Cheesecake by Teo:
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  16. Thinking how this song could be very hilarious in Turkish
  17. Oh Limey Looftah is back on Spotify

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