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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. There's a special 10th anniversary spotify release thing of Hero by Charlotte Perrelli.
  2. Still the best song of all time

    Voldemort lookin legend
  3. Remember when the UK would send masterpieces like this and Gina G in the 90s? Those were the days.
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  4. What do y’all think is the worst-ever UK entry?

    It’s Electro Velvet isn’t it.
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  5. Just thinking about how Fly With Me is an 11/10 song that became 12/10 live

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  6. I know it’s easy to rag on Jemini, but, I’m voting Jemini.
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  7. Jemini was an awful song, with an awful performance, so I don't think we can argue.
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  8. I felt a bit sorry for them because, awful as they were, there were lighting and sound issues. Electro Velvet were polished but represented a really bad musical trend and just seemed like arseholes.
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  9. I loved when the BBC tried to convince us that “Electro swing” was all the rage in Europe. Ummmm maybe on my iPod.
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  10. Wait actually Rybak saw Electro Velvet and thought they were onto something, so that automatically makes them the worst.
  11. I used to listen to the whole of the 2004 ESC songlist religiously when at uni.

    My favourites apart from Ruslana's Wild Dances of course?

    And of course:

  12. The true gay icon.

  13. No Sakis???? That’s ok. I can have him all to myself.

  14. She SNAPPED [​IMG]

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  15. Speaking of 2004, this was one of my favourites, loved Sofias voice!

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  16. Just remembering Svala introducing the wiwibloggs gays to her husband Einar on the red carpet last year and them thinking his name was anus.

  17. One of the only Eurovision songs I can stomach. And the video! Well, they tried. It was 2003.

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