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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Portugal getting zero from the juris but still escaping bottom 3 for the first time

  2. I'm SCREAMING at Portugal and Wales escaping last place because of a campaign from Spanish stans to vote for Spain and two entries that weren't a threat...and Spain STILL didn't win.
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  3. Oh my fave won? Wow. Happy.

    I expect to see her at ESC in a couple of years then.
  4. We love a clown bop.

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  5. Anggun (France 2012) is one of the judges on the French version of Masked Singer. I think the original concept is shit, but the French one looks like the budget came from whatever they found down the back of the sofa.
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  6. You... do know Anggun is actually a really successful and well-known artist? She's not just a random Eurovision entrant they hired for a few euros.
  7. Anggun being the only singer on the panel, though, with the other three all being presenters and comedians...

  8. Anggun hasn't been successful in years in France. Her last French album got to the dizzying heights of 43 in the charts. Echoes before that got to 33, Élévation to 36. Her solo French shows are now in 1000 person capacity theatres. She is no longer relevant, and I say that as someone who likes her music.

    In any case, it was a comment about the show's production values and not Anggun.
  9. @soratami got his Christmas gift in Sheila doing Dja Dja there lol And it’s actually really good too?? Thanks for this awesome way to wake up in the morning @WowWowWowWow :D

    Love that her reason to do it was that she is a crazy lady who would of course do a crazy thing - relatable Queen!!
  10. By that token though, none of the shows would have the judges they have had since in each iteration the panel includes people one would consider ‘past their prime’. The fact she is a household name is more useful to get viewers than someone akin to Lola Le Lann who is more a ‘one to watch’ name but with current relevance...
  11. My point was not about Anggun being bad, it was about the show. It looks cheap, and most of the contestants can't sing. It's also dropping a million viewers per episode.

    But on that, Mika, Matt Pokora, Zazie, and Garou were still topping the charts and being viable touring acts in France while they were coaches on The Voice.
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  12. By Masked Singer standards though, our version in Australia had a couple of nobodies and Lindsay Lohan; the American one had Jenny McCarthy. By that pool of talent, despite the celebrity caliber not being A Listers, Anggun still stands above a lot of her contemporaries from this lot in my book :D

    Edit - I just don’t think the show was ever supposed to have the budget of The Voice spent on it since you can’t really make money out of your winner after the show the way they do on The Voice or X Factor...
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  13. Latvia’s Markus Riva is beautiful and I hope he finally qualifies to represent his country in 2020. Got to love that perseverance after six attempts.

  14. Markus when told to give up trying to make it to Eurovision:

  15. Happy 35th brithday to Queen Mena.

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  16. Keep Markus Riva in Latvia pls
  17. R.I.P. Alain Barrière (1935-2019)

    Definitely one of the classiest Eurovision entries of Black and White era. In fact, for those willing to discover that era, Eurovision 1963 is a great year to start with.
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  18. That's when you call me


    THAT'S when you call

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  19. Speaking of 1963:

    So classy!
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