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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. italy second i did not believe
  2. And with more points than Spain, Germany and the UK combined. We love to see it.

    And Portugal at #14 with more points than any of the Big 5 aside from Italy? We also love to see it.
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  3. UK only having 100 points more than Turkey who haven‘t been at ESC most of this decade a kii
  4. Anybody up for a decade-ending Eurovision countdown/“best of” rate in the vein of the Ultimate Song Justice?
  5. You know we are! I can almost copy-paste my ESC radio top 250 ballot actually hahaha
  6. Another moment for Verona to shine?

    Always here for that!
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  7. Please! I'm ready for my NQ and 'Why did this Q' faves to shine.
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  8. Your wish is my command.
  9. When you're performing the 2012 contest winning hit Euphoria off the platinum-selling album Heal at a televised Eurovizh concert at 9

    but you've got fencing practice at 11

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  10. Philipp Kirkorov’s Instagram is quite intense.
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  11. I'm rewatching semi 2 of 2008 (bulgaria was robbed) and I don't remember such a good beginning of a show. I mean This Is My Life - Hero - Deli - Shady Lady?
  12. Honestly a wig indeed. Especially with that ending. If I somehow managed to hold on to my wig I lose it within the first opening notes of Shady Lady.

  13. Chingiz has shaven of his beard and with it half of his attractiveness.

    Thankfully his chest hair is still there.
  14. I'd rather be poor and myself than rich and Kirkorov.

  15. One of the most underrated songs ever. That chorus is huge, but the live performance (and strange outfit) totally ruined it.
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  16. I want to know how this song has lodged itself in my brain well enough for it to appear in my dreams.

    A bop!
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  17. "FiRe Of LoVe By TuLiA dEsErVeD tO fLoP"





    wot m8?

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  18. Get your phone credits topped up, Gladiators!!
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