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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Controversial opinion: Running Scared isn't that bad a winner. 2011 was one of the weakest years I can remember and it was one of the few memorable performances and songs. Nikki's vocals are dire but Ell is competent, and their genuinely delighted reactions to winning were so charming. It's in the lower end of winners but it's not that bad.
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  2. I think the issue with Running Scared more is the fact that it's one of the weakest Azerbaijan entries. It seems a shame that this is the one that brought them the victory, as opposed to Always, Hold Me, Miracle etc.

    I agree that 2011 was a bit whack, and this isn't as bad a R*back or S*lvador s winners...
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  3. Running Scared is definitely nowhere near being my least favorite winner of all time. Its bland, but its a cute pop song. I don't think it would be as hated had it come 3rd. That said, its one of my least favorite Azeri entries. They just know how to bring it. Sometimes I feel they do Swed-pop better than Sweden does.
  4. Tonight you can watch Eurovision...1991
  5. All the UK voting spokespersons since 1994 (when they became visible)
    1994 - Colin Berry
    1995 - Colin Berry
    1996 - Colin Berry
    1997 - Colin Berry
    1998 - Ken Bruce
    1999 - Colin Berry
    2000 - Colin Berry
    2001 - Colin Berry
    2002 - Colin Berry
    2003 - Lorraine Kelly
    2004 - Lorraine Kelly
    2005 - Cheryl Baker
    2006 - Fearne Cotton
    2007 - Fearne Cotton
    2008 - Carrie Grant
    2009 - Duncan James
    2010 - Scott Mills
    2011 - Alex Jones
    2012 - Scott Mills
    2013 - Scott Mills
    2014 - Scott Mills
    2015 - Nigella Lawson
    2016 - Richard Osman
    2017 - Katrina Leskanich
    2018 - Mel Giedroyc
    2019 - Rylan Clark-Neal
  6. after 7 years this still bops.


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  7. My Eurovision predictions are always completely off but I was convinced this would be Albania's best-ever result and it didn't even qualify. It baffles me to this day. Superb song and vocals. That vocal run from 2:11 to the end is extraordinary.
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  8. Been singing and dancing to this tune all day, should have been top - 5 easily!
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  9. Some points were made.
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  10. This music video is as boring as him lol. It absolutely came alive in the performances though. If it had been a radio contest this would not win IMHO. But it was deserved overall.
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  11. I miss Bop Måns

    But this offends me
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  12. Just so long as you don't think about the lyrics too much. Or at all.
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  13. Russia high key had a better song and performance that year. I was not convinced by those little stick men at all.

  14. I feel so dumb now
  15. This makes me hate the 2011 staging even more
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  16. Ok this is really bugging me but can someone tell me why I recognise this song? I'm almost sure I don't know it by Fabrizio but I CANNOT place where I know it from? (It's probably not even Eurovision related)

    Any help?

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