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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

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  2. So, I've been doing my personal #EurovisionAgain every Saturday. This weekend I rewatched Copenhagen 2001.

    • It pretty much confirmed me that Riga 2003 was the first true 21st century ESC, and that the years between 2000 and 2002 were pretty much afterglow epilogues of 90's Eurovision.
    • Though it was the first ESC on arena, the vibes of the audience were only felt in the Danish song and in the Aqua interval act.
    • The stage is unmemorable and the lightning was terrible. The postcards were a bit random and only vaguely represented each country but they were nice enough.
    • The presenters speaking in rhyme was a choice, and almost all their jokes fell flat, just like the fake trophy. And this was when the BBC stopped caring, wasn't it?
    • France, Greece, Spain, Germany and Slovenia are the best for me hands down. Sweden (copying ABBA and Belgium 1996), Malta, Croatia, Denmark and Israel were cute too, I guess.
    • Estonia had no business winning, sounded like a 8th place song at best and the country has had much better. Greece or France should have won.
  3. Happy birthday.

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  4. Every time I see a photo of I*ri Z*v I'm just reminded of the time when @Rhombus said he looked like a sad Basset Hound.

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  5. I was today years old when I learned that Annet Artani co-wrote the Britney classic Everytime

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  6. Back to my personal Eurovision Again rewatched and last night I piced 1982 in Harrogate.

    • It feels to me it was the first truly 80's Eurovision year. Not that 1980 and 1981 were mere afterglows of the 70's like 2000 to 2002 were of the 90's, but in sight and sound 1982 really felt like a new decade through and through, from the songs and the stage design right down Jan Leeming's headband.
    • In full Thatcher austerity era, BBC couldn't throw a lot of cash into it, so they went for the "serving in a smaller plate to make it look that there was more food that actually is" tactic and took Eurovision to the middle of Yorkshire and to the smallest Eurovision host city to date (which happened to have an almost brand new conference center). If nothing else, it gave the feel of an Eurovision village.
    • The stage, or at least the performing space for the artists, was very small which made the musicians and/or the backing singers looked crammed up and and it limited the choreo-driven performances (like Israel and Spain).
    • Israel, Portugal, Spain, Denmark and Turkey still slap. Was that really the same Anna Vissi of Everything singing for Cyprus? Ah, so cute Anita and Jahn singing together. I loved Switzerland's Arlette Zola's stage strut. Finland's nul-point entry was the closest to an 80's Eurovision Hatrid Mun Sigra.
    • Bucks Fizz couldn't be bothered to show up, I see.
    • Nicole's multi-language winning song reprise: that was a classic, that was a classic.

  7. Underrated entry from Luxembourg, and American - born Jeane Manson! Classy song and such a gorgeous girl!
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  8. And though a few Eurovision singers have posed naked for different franchises of the Playboy (all the way back to Germany 1959's Kessler twins on the Italian branch), Jeane Manson is the only Playmate ever (August 1974) to compete in Eurovision.
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  9. I love her so much, she HAS TO do Eurovision. This one's even better than Cicciolina.
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  10. Anyone remember this Junior winner? Really liking his new(ish) single

  11. Last weekend I rewatced Eurovision 1969 in Madrid.

    • Franco's Spain was allowed a breath of Eurovision air in the swinging sixties, whose spirit could only enter very filtered into the Iberian countries.
    • Italy and Portugal criminally overlooked, they had no business being the bottom 3. The Finnish Sony & Cher were fun, and so was the Irish Sandie Shaw. Apparently the kid from Monaco went on to become a rugby coach.
    • Lots of comeback kids: Norway's Kirsti Sparboe, Luxembourg's Romuald (who had represented Monaco - and would again), Belgium's Louis Neefs, Siw Malmqvist singing for Germany nine years after representing her native Sweden and Portugal's Simone de Oliveira. Sweden's Tommy Körberg and Switzerland's Paola would only return to Eurovision in the 80's!
    • I guess that with Salvador Dali's signing the official poster and that short film about Spain seen through the four elements, the writing was on the wall for that surreal four-way tie. Legend has it that in rehearsals presenter Laurita Valenzuela (who's still alive at age 89) asked people in EBU about what she would do if there was a tie and was told that would never happen!
    • No offence to the others, but France should have won alone with Frida Boccara beautifully serving vocals, emotion and presence. The Netherlands is pretty good but something about it doesn't sit totally well with me (maybe I believe that the Dutch language doesn't gel well with this kind of music). Lulu was amazing and has personality for days but the song doesn't feel like a winner to me. Spain's Salomé rocked that iconic fringe jumpsuit (51 years before Samanta Tina), but the song becomes rather annoying as it goes.
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  12. This YouTube channel reenacts all the votings of the ESC from 1980 to (so far) 1994, by using moving scoreboards and recreating graphics. Here's their take on the legendary mess that was ESC 1991's voting.

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  13. I know what you did in Birmingham in 2008

  14. I still think about this a lot
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  15. Same... I have it on my Spotify-playlist and even have the performance saved on my HD!
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  16. And then he went to co-write one of my favourite Eurovision entries ever, with one of his backing vocalists, Aliona Moon, providing a fantastic performance:

  17. Yeah I loved that one too.
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  18. COVID-19 claimed its first Eurovision mortal victim. Joseph Reynaerts aka Reynaert, who represented Belgium in 1988, passed away last night at age 65 to COVID-related complications.

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  19. Apparently, MARUV is a big LOL or K-Pop or both fan:

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