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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Based off the popularity of the NQ Eurovision Again, would there be interest in having a Popjustice version? I would be glad to take the reins.
  2. Yes! Finally justice for I love Belarus
  3. Any sort of Eurovision rate I'm here for! Go for it :)
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  4. What makes the most sense:

    1) I just pick the NQ songs at random
    2) We have a pre-selection round where you vote through each country to pick their semifinalist
    3) I badger a few people to be a jury to pick the entries
    4) something else?
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  5. Maybe 3), though inevitably there will be those going "Really? You picked x over y? I'm done."
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  6. I think 2 is the most similar to the actual system used in Eurovision Again, but it also seems to be the most time-consuming one. So, I guess it's up to you. (as long as Igranka is picked, I'm fine!!!!)
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  7. Carlos do Carmo (1939-2021)

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  8. Liam Reilly (1955-2021)

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  9. The new reorderboard:Eurovision video, covering Birmingham 1998, begins with some excerpts of the backstrage documentary Naked Eurovision, with the composer of the Greek entry acting like a Karen.

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  10. Pave Maijanen (1950-2021)

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  11. Nina Badric (Croatia's entry) was robbed in 2012, how she didn't win let alone not even make the final is beyond me. Does anyone know what happened? This song had winner written all over it.

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  12. TEA! Balkan ballad rights!
  13. I was so excited when my girl Nina was finally chosen to do ESC just to flop. Oh well.

    It was probably not a song that would motivate people to actually vote for it.
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  14. I hate to be "one of those" but genuinely if Sweden had entered this along with this performance it would have been an easy top 3.
  15. Nearly all Balkan entries tend to finish way lower than they deserve in my opinion. I think we're well overdue a Balkan win.
  16. Enter Hurricane.
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  18. True. I love this, it's giving me Xtina dramatic vibes and deserved top 5 placement that year. Though, for Slovenia and their often flopping in contest, 13th is an amazing result.
    Thanks for reminding me of this song.
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