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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. The fact Slovenia finished in the jury top 4... That was so powerful.
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  2. Damn, my 2011 winner.

  3. This gorgeous song by a robbed Queen remains fresh and intriguing. Serving iconique looks, iconique vocals, iconique moves, iconique scarf.

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  4. Excellent song, but I'm still Team Carola Hagqvist Wind Machine Queen.
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  5. I only fell in love with this about 2 years ago, it’s so captivating. Just gorgeous.
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  6. My winner, always, and probably my favourite French entry ever
  7. One last plug from me to all you lovely people to vote in our Popjustice Again final round by Sunday night!
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  8. On a high of my robbed 2008 queen and came across this absolute power ballad from her. So of course had to go down a youtube rabbit hole of her career. Only about 20 mins into her diva concert I don't have a clue what she is saving but I am absolutely living(my diva has some serious money on her team) the drama the production, the vocals she's the definition of a popstar please come back to eurovision ani.

    Sorry for the two youtube links but honestly do yourself a favor grab a drink and watch the diva tour. Such fun she is phenomenal. The performance from 1:49:40 winning performance any year there (honestly I've watched it about 5 times now so if it's the only one you watch at least watch that one I'm obsessed) (her production/creative team deserve a huge raise that could rival any of the big pop girls)
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  9. Sorry for the double post but the performance at 1:49:40 is just insane I can't stop watching. Im obessed she's phenomenal
  10. Sad news: The lead singer of AWS had died of leukemia
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  11. i just came here to post that. im devastated. their music was such a charm for me, and following them you could see how good of a person he was. fuck cancer.
  12. That's so sad, he was only 29. Farewell Ors, my barefoot screaming king. I loved their 2018 song.
  13. Wow shocking news.

    I saw them at the semi in Lisbon. I also saw them at Eurovillage where they played a couple of songs.

    Eventhough it‘s not my kind of music he was so full of energy and seemed full of joy. Sad.
  14. AWS was the one of my favorites back in 2018, so sad to hear that.
  15. Misty moon I'm your l00n~~

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  16. That drum attack just before the second chorus makes me ascend! I'd be sad about it not qualifying if the last to do so wasn't Saara. If Saara didn't qualify I might have quit Eurovision altogether.
  17. I was obsessed with the song and performance.
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