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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. It's funny watching it back but what a disaster of a show. The arena is literally an unused movie set, the staging looks cheap and ready to fall down at any point, the camera work gives the impression they're singing to an empty room, and then we have Toto and the farcical voting.
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  2. I bet EBU still has nightmares with the Rome 1991 mess, which has spawned a conspiracy theory that says that Italy may never win again, by fear that should Italy host Eurovision again, RAI will try to turn it into a San Remo 2.0.
    But let's not forget the opening bop:

    May 4th is also the anniversary of Gotemborg 1985 and this iconic moment:

  3. Frank Naef doing the whole show in French to get back at RAI is just an iconic level of pettiness.
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  4. I know the set design is quite kitchy but I love it for some reason. It's unique and different from any other stage design in the Content and I love how they went with the merging of the old & new (RAI ahead of the Instagram hashtag by about 30 years).

    My only gripe is that they didn't go full out like in this draft version:

    They could have also used the lighting in a less static way, like they did for Carola's winning reprise.

    Of course I get why some (or rather most) people don't like it but it always stood out, old Hollywood meets Eurovision in a way.
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  5. [​IMG]
    A random Eleni Foureira to make your day better.
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  6. Speaking of reprises in Eurovision, are there any other examples of the winning song being sung in a different language during the reprise?

    Both examples I know are Sweden in 1991 and later in 1999, both singing a Swedish / English hybrid.
  7. But of course the trendsetter!

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  8. I even knew that one but it was so obvious I forgot all about it!
  9. Nicole did it too for Germany 1982. German in the performance but multi language once she won I think.
  10. If we're talking 1991, we need to talk about the postcards. A case of something so tacky and cheap that flips up and becomes very endearing.

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  11. Yeees. Really added some musicality to the whole thing, even if the main reason they were done that way is because RAI didnt have time to schedule actual postcards. But they did work and a lot of singers really shined in them (even more so than their actual performances).
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  12. This is still such a wild entry for 1991.
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  13. It would have been such a hit with televoting. Oh well at least it became a cult classic (and club hit).
  14. Baby Doll is legendary, my bf‘s mom knows her a bit and well she used to do a lot of coke, mess.
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  15. Never heard this before. It's a lot of fun! And of course I can't find it on Spotify...
  16. So Yugoslavia sang in English during the reprise in 1989:

    and Norway sang a Norwegian / English mix in 1985:

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  17. The coke use does not surprise me ddd. Still a Queen.
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  18. Today is the 44th anniversary of Eurovision 1977 in Wembley, where Austria served puppet choreo realness.

    Apparently, the delegations of Austria and Portugal were installed in a hotel near Heathrow, separated from the other delegations, because of suspicions that the groups and songs that represented those countries were linked to communism.
  19. This sent me ddddd
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