Random Eurovision Thoughts

As we enter yet another Pride Month, it's worth pointing out that 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the victory of "Nous Les Amoureux" in Eurovision, which Jean-Claude Pascal would admit it's about a secret love relationship of two men and that he had been in that situation himself. Of course, the lyrics can also apply to a heterosexual relationship but you don't have to dig too deep to find out that they're actually about the struggles and persecution of those who loved someone of the same sex, in a time where LGBT activity was outlawed or at the very least vastly frowned upon pretty much everywhere in the world.

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Unfortunate song title, crap running order, and dreadful wardrobe choice. Otherwise it's a decent Steps-lite song.

Also, Nicki blaming the UK not being part of the Euro as the reason for doing poorly never fails to crack me up.
Talking about 2013, robbed sensation Igranka is finally on Spotify!

So we did Gina G, Katrina, Imaani, Precious, Nicki French, Lindsay Dracass and Jessica Garlick 7 years in a row and now it's...Joe and Jake, SuRie, Michael Rice and James Newman. Phew. The decline!
I always loved You're Not Alone, but as usual they just stood there with zero staging