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Random Eurovision Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Every so often either one of these songs...

    ...will come up on shuffle and I'll be thrust straight back to MGP 2015 when the alt-gay vote got split between these two statuesque queens and allowed a dumb cOmEdY song about pizza to get through to the Gold Final in either of their places

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  2. Human Beings were my MGP 2015 favorite and it definitely would be my Eurovision 2015 winner... I still feed sad about that.
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  3. One of the biggest injustices in Eurovision is the sleek and classy bop only getting 3 points. It legit sounds a couple of years ahead of musical trends for the time.

  4. One more reason to love Lisbon 2018: Mans was nowhere near it.

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  5. Another one joins the community.
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  6. This performance will never not be brilliant

  7. Every once and I while I put this on and it just brings me such joy. The song, the iconic staging, Kate's beaming smile, the audience trying to sing along. Just wonderful and the 7th Heaven remix slaps.

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  8. I only learned of this today and I’m grateful.
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  9. Still a terribly dated song regardless of the language, but I never knew Greece sang part of their song in English during the dress rehearsal in 1998. This was obviously before the free language rule came in. Does anyone know if any other countries lodged complaints as was the case with Poland in 1994?

    I suppose it was all overlooked given the general chaos around Greece's performance and rehearsals that year.

  10. I don‘t know about anyone else except for the Legend that is Poland 1994.

    Such a clever trick to get high jury points (and also proof that we neeeded to ditch the language rule).
  11. The language rule was becoming obsolete but where else could you hear songs performed in so many different languages? I wouldn't mind some kind of hybrid rule for the future, where a certain amount of the song must be performed in a national language, even just a verse or a chorus.
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