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Random K-Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. aux


    I feel like this subforum needs to have one of these, I'm a bit shook there isn't one already. Y'all, even the Eurovision sub-forum has one.

    To kind of quote an icon of the forum, here are the rules of the thread:

    1. Start arguments, and respond to people starting arguments.

    2. Insult everyone.

    3. We are all stans.

    4. If your post amounts to little or no more than an image your post will probably get over 30+ likes. Yes we know that sometimes the best response might seem to be a hilarious GIF of someone pouting or whatever. Don't try to use words to describe how this GIF makes you feel because a picture is worth a thousand words.

    5. Please write in fully formed stan Twitter sentences. This means out of the blue references to the only single of a popstar from 1997 who is now a married mother of three, or sometimes just embedding a YouTube video along with a gif of Aretha Franklin taking her wig off.

    6. This is a chatroom.

    7. Only use webspeak if you're funny.

    8. Making a rude, incendiary or offensive comment is perfect for this thread.

    9. We have a no smiley rule – you should not be happy while posting in Random K-Pop Thoughts.

    10. Don't say 'binch' cause it's lame.

    11. No explicit sex talk. Save that for other threads.

    12. If you’ve been looking through these rules trying to find loopholes or ways to get around them, then this is the thread for you.
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  2. Is Taeyeon the best thing to happen to K-Pop? Say yes and explain your reasons.
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  3. aux


    When will your faves top this? I'm waiting.

    Deo taollala hu huhuhu
    Kkeojiji anhge
    Bulgdibulg-eun chae
    Deo keuge beonjyeo hu huhu
    Jigeum gajang tteugeoun
    Nae an-ui jaggo jag-eun


    Bultiya bultiya kkeojiji malgo pieona
    Bultiya bultiya saebyeog-eul hwolhwol nal-aga
    Sae bultiya bultiya chumchudeus onmom-eul salla
    Sae bultiya bultiya kkeojiji malgo pieona


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  4. We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important announcement...


    That is all.
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  5. This thread is honestly perfect as I just came across this news:

    To think many more people might be exposed to this much talentry...

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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. aux


    Me trying to hit IU's triple note in Good Day

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  8. Me attempting to do the JeA power belt leading into Gain + Narsha's tag team whistle note in Sixth Sense.



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  9. Iconic.
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  10. Does this thread's existence mean I won't only have to catch up to +5 pages on the other one every day?

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  11. [​IMG]
    Ya'll binches
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  12. Sometimes I think that the first season of Produce 101 was the best thing to ever happen to me.

    What do we think Ariyoshi Risa is up to now?
  13. Wendy in the recording booth for Really Bad Boy

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  14. I had a dream the other day that Yeonjung from WJSN was taking part in Eurovision.
  15. Remember when we thought she was going to be in LOONA?
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  16. aux


    When the rapture comes, they’ll take all the Twitter users with a tiny 7 in their username.
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  17. Wendy during the bridge in every Red Velvet song

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  18. aux


    I just remembered that time I got an **** suspended on Twitter for saying BTS has done more for pop music than Robyn. Ah, that was a classic.
  19. Oh look, another amazing thread I'm going to have no time to follow.
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  20. Somewhere in a parallel universe this is Jessica and Taeyeon.
    But who is who?
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