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Random K-Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Petit nain des Îles (2009-2020) is dead, long live Crisp X xx

    I've been trying to get rid of it for years for many reasons, but I couldn't figure out a replacement until yesterday's eureka moment.

    • It hasn't represented me for a very long time. I used to be addicted to Counter Strike Source in middle school and early high school. A former online friend I played that videogame with came up with it as an attempt to insult someone else nn. He was in a community that became my safe place and it was the best one I had been a part of until I joined this section of Popjustice (for real, not being hyperbolic for likes). I feel like a completely different person now, and want to move on from that time for good.
    • It's way too long and has ended up cursing me over the last few years. I didn't mind being referred as "petit" only but it started to bother me once I stopped identifying as male. But then I haven't come out IRL and also don't feel safe putting "female" in my online profiles yet. Kind of my fault for not saying anything and the branding issue is on me then.
    • Over time, I got weird undertones from "nain" and "Îles" which could be seen as disrespectful. Even if no one has ever called me out, I didn't feel comfortable with these words being parts of my username anymore.

    I tried out many other ones in the last 8 years on random places, like lyrics or song titles but either I wouldn't care about said band or artist afterwards, or it would then turn out they were... uh... highly problematic so I would come back to that one instead.

    A childhood flop cereal brand I often reminisce about, as it was my all time favorite, seems on brand and more timeless. And I feel like Sera could totally be a teleshopping host dd.

    I can't believe I'm writing this much about an username change. I need a new job.
  2. I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable!! I was totally just teasing. Love the new username babe, I just loved the French words because it was a dead giveaway/reminder that you’re also French dddd.

    (Also I wanna clear it up, but I call my girl friends "chaton" too - as you probably know “chatonne” would just sound weird... Hope that didn’t make you uncomfortable too!)
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  3. Oh no worries I wasn't annoyed or uncomfortable with that, I've been called "chaton" or "chat" in the past and I don't mind it. I wanted to clear it all up because I'm too lazy to explain the changes more than once dd.

    I guess Crisp X is a French brand but the giveaway will be obvious to basically no one, French Popjustice lost!
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  4. Imagine having a song like Labyrinth and releasing a song like Crossroads. Madness.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Imagine having a song like Time For the Moon Night and having it finish in the 50s in the end of year rate. Absolute madness.
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  6. Well I think we got that one right...
  7. No we didn't... The group was done so wrong in the rate.
  8. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Time for the Moon Night was an astrological reset.
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  9. Being done wrong by international kpoppies is part of GFRIEND's brand at this point dd.
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  10. And wjsn, and lovelyz...
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  11. Imagine having a great voice and also channeling Meryl Streep in the music video. Not everyone indeed has that.
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  12. Thinking of them this gloomy morning.
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  13. My man has a message for y'all:

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  14. Thinking about this

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  15. Girls are you ready for Nature's imperial era? I think i am.
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  16. I'm ready for them to release this:
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. How did I spend 6 months without ever hearing this version? She even filmed another video for it.

    Obligatory @Music Is Life mention.
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  19. aux


    I'm listening to Purpose.

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  20. Um....this is AMAZING?!
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