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Random K-Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Mar 15, 2020.


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    I'll take any chance to post one of my favorite K-ballads of all time. Seriously this song is still such a STUNNER.

  2. I just...

    This makes me scream with laughter every time I come across it. The more and more demented they get!
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  3. This is depressing. As if every K-Pop idol isn't absolutely stunning.
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  4. Its fine to have an opinion on that sort of thing but imagine going through the effort of making that video to just be nasty about people who are much more successful than you. What a sad little life.
  5. The whole conceit of that video is so vile - platforming these hate comments in painstaking detail with the occasional "oh noooooo, how could they say that?!" aside. Like... imagine reading over a script in which Chaeryeong's mother is begging the comments to stop, and delivering it in a chipper WatchMojo tone?

    Stan culture is a plague.
  6. This beefed up live rendition, I hear sumn...

  7. This is so dark, and neutral tone/stance the commentator takes is pretty awful. It’s insane to be so concerned with idols’ looks like this.

    The gag is it’s all self hate. You’d think people would be excited to see a variety of faces and bodies represent idol stardom but as soon as they see people even somewhat resembling themselves they feel like they have to protect the status quo and go rabid.
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  8. Tea

    ENDED Brave Brothers with this remix!
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  9. New hobby: translating Carly Rae Jepsen's hits into korean and pretending I'm a girlgroup singing it.

    nae neomu neomu neomu neomu neomu johahaeyo
    noreul wonhae
    noneun ottae?
    nal wonhanayo

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  10. [​IMG]

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    Super Junior says hello as well...except for Zhou Mi.
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  12. And every BTS member aside from V
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  13. Mademoiselle @junglefish helped ease me down the Girl's Day rabbit hole recently, and this fucking singles run:

    Literally invented hyperpop!!! Honestly I think I like Hug Me Once best. It's totally coconuts. It's utterly frittatas.
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  14. That’s something I never realized I wanted until right now
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  15. Imagine Curiosity with the Lovey Dovey choreo

  16. neomu indeed!

  17. I can't stop watching this help. The charisma, serve and visuals miss Yuna exudes. Why is JYP not pushing her as the new It girl yet ?
  18. Maybe because she's still a minor dddd
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  19. Woolim bring back my girls!!
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  20. Thinking about this cultural reset

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