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Random K-Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Mar 15, 2020.


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    I'm not crying...
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  2. Those nmixx gorls are alright

  3. Ma'am I'm afraid this is the song of the year

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  4. This came up on my "90s Mix" playlist and I've been obsessed with it recently

  5. Rookie idols when they spot DJ HYO backstage on The Show:
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  6. We absolutely did not stan this performance enough last year. The new verse for Bad Love honestly gives me goosebumps.

  7. I was looking at TWICE's Japan sales figures, and they went from 350k for the first album to 85k. Ouch... is this normal?
  8. Yeah, for a non-domestic act it’s still a very good number. For some perspective, SNSD’s first Japanese album sold 800k, their second a little over 200k and their last one around 170k.

    TWICE also ranked 6th in the top 10 most popular girl groups in Japan last year according to Nikkei, so I would say they’re doing pretty good!
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  9. Not a 600k+ dip… Japanese fans are so fickle.

  10. The best K-pop debut album of all time?
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  11. Dedicated to the voters of KPJSOTY2021 voters:
  12. If the definition of 'hot' people is people living in hell, then yeah sure.
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  13. Some say this is the best song of all time
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  14. Wow I love you.
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  15. Join us.
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  16. eccentricsimply

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    I've been stuck in these two clips of the audiences of two different universities declaring loudly their love for Naevis

    It's honestly so much fun for me to get evidence that their concept being fully written off online, with people saying "no one wants lyrics talking about kwangya or naevis!!", simply does not hold up in real life.
  17. Don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but I was wondering why there were so many K-Pop songs called "Red Sun" (GWSN, Dreamcatcher, Brave Girls, VIVIZ), and it turns out it's a sort of meme-y "magic word"

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