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Random K-Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by aux, Mar 15, 2020.

  1. Current obsession: Eleven's last chorus where every single layer is fighting for your attention. Just perfection.
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  2. Me but with Savage.
  3. What happens to idols after they are expelled from the group? I find it sort of fascinating how different things are from here. Like do they get 9 to 5 jobs? Do they never rejoin social media? I think it'd be amazing if there was like a documentary or think piece catching up with these people.
    I know there were some of them who were able to return to the spotlight like Park Bom, Hyuna and Dawn but I'm thinking about Soojin for example. And are members of the group they left never allowed to speak about them again?
  4. Let's ask @JessicaJung ddddd.
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  5. Just came across this - Name Every 4th Gen K-Pop Group

    I got 60 (plus like five 4th gen girl groups which aren't actually there).

    Looking at the results, the "rarest" I got was


    and the most well known one I missed was

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  6. Never heard of
    either but "Trouble" is a bop and sounds much less cheap than I expected and "Elegante" is a nice homage to Laboum's "Turn It On".
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  7. What I meant was they were the group I guessed that the least people did! Only like 2% I think. They're a group formed by university students studying K-Pop, which is pretty cool and definitely makes them stand out. Some nice bops too.
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  8. Stumbled upon a random K-Pop opinion video where they said the Retro concept is dead and tired and used DM and Love in Space as examples of how the concept hasn’t aged well I-

    Anyway, stream two of the best comebacks of the year

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  9. HoooooööööööööoOOOOLD Up
  10. Happy Anniversary to this classic.
  11. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Lots of comparisons of Girls to random boy group songs, but after some consideration these are the songs that I actually would compare Girls to

    aespa being the daughters of S.E.S with DBSK? More likely than you think!
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  12. She’s so REAL for this….
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  13. That was a fast follow. She’s hella funny.
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  14. She’s so hysterical. “Sometimes”
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  15. Speaking of idols being real, Orbits teaching Chuu the combination of Daebak + Slay is.... well... truly something!!

  16. Hey @Conan, you wanted it's time to send your latest song to PJXtra.

    That goes for everyone here, we need more kpop.
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  17. Hey guys, did you know that uhm...

    Nareul nareul barabwajwo
    Nareul nareul kkwak anajwo
    Nareul nareul nareul chajajwo


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  18. I don't condone digging out stuff from idols' lives (especially this kinda stuff which can only be found through some intense level of stalking I feel like), even more so when said idols were super young, but... this is kind of hilarious dddd

  19. Tea except in this specific example her wattpad account used her own face as a profile pic and even before it was rediscovered this week it had like 13K followers or readers or something like that so she was clearly semi popular on it. It’s probably likely that someone probably just remembered it from years ago ddd. Either way this actually seems to be getting a lot of people to kind of love her more? Like of all the girls, Giselle seems to be the one to get the most heat on Twitter but people are largely loving this and finding it really endearing of her ddd. A very “she’s just like me” moment.
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  20. Stray Kids’ music really pops awff at the gym.
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