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If you know, you know

Wait this just reminded me one of the very first K-Pop songs I've ever heard, also one that near instantly became an all time favorite, just turned 10... words can't describe the impact this had on me back then.

Perhaps a 2013 rate is truly needed for the nostalgic hags among us might consider running it, assuming the forum doesn't die by the end of the year
Literally who do I need to write a letter to in order to get this on Spotify

This makes me revisit their first Japanese album and their first Japanese tour DVD, which was my first ever concert that I've ever watched and whew the nostalgia. The absolute GAG of The Sweet Escape - cuntier EDM Mix which then they flipped it into the euphoric rendition of Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

Aah the good ol' times.

came back to say TWO THINGS! 1st!

exhibit A: Bora falls on stage and breaks a toe, SISTAR becomes one of the defining groups of their generation
2nd of all...

exhibit B: Gfriend falls on stage, they become one of the defining groups of their generation
CONCLUSION: Kep1er needs to throw Bahiyyih off stage cause things are looking dire rn
Thinking of how does Black Pink's Rosé hair not get fried after years and years of bleaching her natural hair color?

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