Random K-Pop Thoughts

Bought my first K-pop physical release as a ~travel souvenir~ (fromis_9 UNLOCK MY WORLD btw) without thinking too much about it and all I got was a little gadget with music that can only be played with a specific app I’ll never download + a photo card of my least liked member

Watching King The Land on Netflix and howling at SNSD Yoona’s character getting caught having a shite in a guests hotel room.

The way winning this show is kind of a curse... Mamamoo have faded into obscurity, Stray Kids feel like they've been completely overshadowed by their Big 4 contemporaries and WJSN got thrown into Starship's dungeon immediately after winning. You can argue The Boyz are still doing well today, but their music from 2021-2022 took such a deep nosedive in quality that they never really quite recovered from that.

The biggest success stories from this show came from groups who didn't even win; G-IDLE scoring hit after hit, Oh My Girl blowing up (even though WM dropped the ball by never giving them comebacks), RTK quite literally saved ONF from disbanding and LOONA were able to free themselves from BBC and are now doing well as seperate groups. Did... anyone actually benefit from Kingdom S1 nn.
Did... anyone actually benefit from Kingdom S1 nn.
They seem to be on the rise after Coachella, but they still can’t connect with the Korean GP (much like Stray Kids actually, so maybe not)…
SF9 still can’t get a hit with the general public either, and they might be down a member or 2, but their music output remains consistent (I think so at least)…
I’m honestly not even sure why YG bothered sending iKON at all…
Golden Child were made fools of on RTK but they had great momentum in 2020 and 2021 that Woollim completely squandered…
Girdle and VIVIZ seem to be the only Queendom survivors…

Heejin or Hyunjin?

Heejin or Haseul?
Haseul all the way!!

Haseul or Yeojin?
*drops Haseul immediately* Yeojiiiiiiiin

Yeojin or Vivi?
…. Vivi! ... Yeah!! Definitely.

Vivi or Kim Lip?
…. Nuh, not that one, come awn. You can’t compare them before… Kim Lip!! You can’t… Kim Lip, yeah…

Kim Lip or Jinsoul?
… Jinsoul!

Jinsoul or Choerry?
… see these two are my favorites… I’m gonna have to say Jinsoul.

Jinsoul or Yves?
… I’m gonna say Jinsoul again.

Jinsoul or Chuu?
Oh, Chuu!!

Chuu or Gowon?
...... Chuu!

Chuu or Hyeju?
…. Chuuuuu!!

Chuu because after all she’s been through, she is still singing...

Anyway... Stream 'Howl' by Chuuyoncé x