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Random Melodifestivalen Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. His only iconic moment is saying "you cooked pasta with Gino D'Campo" to Rylan
  2. This was also pretty iconic:


  3. I like the song but the middle eight delivered by that random goddess is honestly iconic

  4. GODrijana returns
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  5. fdhrdhdj

    Molly Sanden found DEAD
  6. As dead as her latest album
  7. Y’all I met Måns!! Here is a pic of us:

    Yes whoever this person is, creates fake photos of Måns, his fiancée, his co-presenter from the Chevalresk show and the wife of that guy.
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  8. Melfest Dates are out:

    Deltävling 1 – Göteborg 2 February
    Deltävling 2 – Malmö 9 February
    Deltävling 3 – Leksand 16 February
    Deltävling 4 – Lidköping 23 February
    Andra chansen – Nyköping 2 March
    Final – Stockholm 9 March
  9. Only 2 months until the contestant reveal!!
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  10. I could do all of them actually. Good stuff. Do we know when tickets are on sale?

    EDIT: looked it up. It's 2018-10-31.
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  11. Guess who's back?

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  12. How much are Melfest final tickets usually priced? Ta x
  13. Cheapest are about 100-120Kr, but that's in the third tier and you end up having to watch it on the TV screens on the roof.
  14. Hoped. Hoped I'd seen the last of him.
  15. Our baby Benjamin Ingrosso is releasing his album next week.

    Sadly no hairy arms on the cover.
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  16. And he wonders why he struggled with the televote?
  17. WAIT what is this female duet nonsense

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  18. With all the times I have been to Sweden, today was the first time that I have seen a Nanne Grönvall CD on sale.

    Isn't that just crazy?

    I bought it, of course.
  19. It just means they were all sold out right? Queen.
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