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Random Melodifestivalen Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Have y'all listened to Sabina Ddumba's amazing rendition of Manboy from Så mycket bättre yet?

    Do yourselves a favour if not:

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  2. In that gif, change the A to an S and we'd be in business.
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  3. CajsaStina Åkerström should be allowed back into the contest if she brings one of the best songs in Swedish of the decade. Like the did in the 90s.

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  4. It sure was!

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  5. [​IMG]
  6. My holy grail is a studio version of this:

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  7. Really? €250,000? I remember that it cost a lot but... Wow.

    I have another fun fact for you. Me and @WowWowWowWow met her when we went to Melodifestivalen/Stockholm the year after ”A Place To Stay” and, at the time, Jenny Silver used to be @WowWowWowWow's favourite. Understandably, she had just been competing with ”Something In Your Eyes”. She was my favourite too that year! @WowWowWowWow even had a silver arm on his profile picture on Facebook. Understandably.

    Anyway, I just started talking with her in Swedish about her old dansband Candela for some reason. Then she walked away. Didn't even introduce her to her biggest fan at the time, aka @WowWowWowWow. He still reminds me about that. With a bitter tone. Understandably.
  8. What can I say except... It takes not much to break my heart!
  9. This one really did deserve it's place in the final in 2010, was really gutted when it went out in Andra Chansen! Maybe coming back after only a year was a little overkill... Used to blast this one out at parties!

  10. But it was also the year that many of us were introduced to The Moniker so ... highs and lows.

    Elektrisk still makes me chuckle because it seemed like NO ONE wanted that song. I think over the years I've read that Charlotte Perrelli, September and Magnus Carlsson all turned it down. But Anniela tried it.
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  11. A&E


    All this talk of "women-of-a-certain-age bops" and no mention of this? smh

    Is this Margaret?

    Hi-tech Vitamin C delivering an atmospheric, pulsating electrobop is all I didn't know I wanted.

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  12. Hmmmm. No. No, I do not agree. That would mean Timoteij and Darin would've miss the final that year. Plus, ”Headlines” is Alcazar's worst entry to date. (I have hopes they'll find something amazing for the huge celebration that is 20 Years Of Alcazar in 2018! Steps could never!)

    But I still try to deny that 2010 even happened. Anna Bergendahl came along and fucked it all up entirely.
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  13. Still makes me howl every time. Inget konstigt alls... Sadly the version with English subtitles has disappeared from the Internet.
  14. My list was of the more UNDERRATED bops, not the BEST SONGS OF ALL TIME though!
  15. Pay-TV answering the age-old question of how would Kraftwerk sound if they went out on the town for a hen night.

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  16. This thread has been amazing tonight. Truly amazing.

    So don't bring up Pay TV because I'll EXPLODE. Then I'll write have to write 10 000 words about how they're the most amazing girlband ever.
  17. A&E


    Oh my god it's the same girls who did this recent plug.dj staple? I had no clue they did Mello!

    Screaming at this!!!
    Jag lyssnar på HYP'OP och RÖDMEN BLØØØZ, precis som vanligt folk gör. INGET KONSTIGT ALLS
    Ska träna lite också bara. INGET KONSTIGT ALLS

    How did she even manage to get close to the final? That song was like an audio tranquilizer.
  18. JUST READ THAT POPJUSTICE INTERVIEW! Your faves could never sound smarter.

    I always felt like it's my duty as a Swede to write the book about Pay TV. This post is triggering me.

    We haven't even touched on their songs like ”Top Model” or ”Miss Capitalist”

    or that one time Andreas from Alcazar was in one of their music videos

    or their incredible Pride EP

    or the state of this song:

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