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Random Melodifestivalen Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Are any of these ever going to be good??

  2. Linnea Deb and the Bridge Troll??
  3. Anna Book:

    And John Lundvik.
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  4. Dr. Anna’s Ashes to Ashes just revealed itself to me.

    I’m gonna live. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna burn. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust.
  5. Some points were made.
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  6. Did we really need another song that sounds like So Am I by Ava Max?
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  7. A&E


    Dddd this sounds like a mess.

    ”We Love Disney” out 25 October:
    01. Mohombi – I2I (Eye to Eye) från “A Goofy Movie”
    02. Kadiatou x Matoma - Circle of Life (Matoma Remake) från “Lejonkungen”
    03. SVEA – In This Place från “Röjar-Ralf kraschar Internet”
    04. Janice – Reflection från “Mulan”
    05. Vinil feat. High15 – A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes från “Askungen”
    06. Lisa Ajax – Känn en doft av kärleken från ”Lejonkungen” [Can You Feel the Love Tonight]
    07. Kim Cesarion – True to Your Heart från “Mulan”
    08. Kamferdrops – Slå dig fri från ”Frost” [Let It Go]
    09. Julia Adams – Färger i en vind från ”Pocahontas” [Colours of the Wind]
    10. Mendez – Under the Sea (Bajo el mar) från ”Den Lilla Sjöjungfun”
    11. Mattias Andréasson & Wiktoria – En helt ny värld från ”Aladdin” [A Whole New World]
    12. Dolly Style – How Far I’ll Go från “Vaiana”
    13. Andreas Wijk – Two Worlds från “Tarzan”
    14. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Är på väg från ”Björnbröder” [On My Way]
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  8. I don't know if you are interested, but I've found a link with the complete Melodifestivalen 1974:

    Abba starts at about 17.30 minutes.
    But they did have some not so bad competition.
  9. This is so surreal.

    Imagine this never happened...
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  10. Good to see some of Sylvia in her earlier years. She was still bringing it 39 years after that show:
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  11. For everyone who hasn't been watching the latest series of Så Mycket Bättre (like me)

    Here's Titiyo covering 'Some Ugly Fucking Old Bitch From Sweden'
  12. I was today years old when Spotify told me that my most listened to song of 2019 was none other than
    Brb writing about it on my Xanga page
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  13. Is this Statements?
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  14. That's my second most listened song right after Oscar's I Love It
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  15. Lynda Woodruff pays tribute to a legend gone too soon.
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  16. OK but if Greta Thunberg is Time magazine’s Person Of The Year, does that make Malena Ernman Mother Of The Year??

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  17. Anybody up for a decade-ending Melodifestivalen countdown/“best of” rate in the vein of the Ultimate Song Justice?
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  18. [​IMG]
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