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Random Melodifestivalen Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. This is the second time within the same thread/night that somebody posted the same video as me. I'm too slow to keep up.
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  2. OK but can we talk again about how Charlotte Perrelli's walk on music was Du Hast by Rammstein?

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  3. The existence of this just popped into my head. Apparently Ola, Caracola and La Bengtzing also had their hands on it before Alcazar?!

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  4. And completely butchered that second verse!
  5. Bring back the walk on music!
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  6. Hmmm, Only started watching MF since 2015 so I missed this act in 2010. How did they not win?

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  7. My memory of MF 2010 was that it was like being in the Upside Down--everything that should have done well crashed, and the song that ended up winning led Sweden to their only non-qualification to the Eurovision final since the semi-final format was introduced.

    Timoteij brought some bops though. FYI they competed again in 2012 but sadly did not make the finals.

    And don't forget about "Het" which was also on their 2012 album...

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  8. Not the regional Swedish juries steamrolling This Is My Life into winning. Thank god they got rid of them.
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  9. A gem from 2004

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  10. Also yesterday when I was talking about "women of a certain age" I figured everyone knew these ones already, as they have appeared in medleys and things along the way. But just in case, educate yourself!

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  11. There's also something to be said about one of the girls coming back a couple of years later with... this:

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  12. Sanna Nielsen's voice is really horrible. The real goat voiced popstar.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Especially in Empty Room.
  15. I defend absolutely everything about Pay TV. Except any solo attempts from the girls.

    They started a beautiful tradition. Just look at Swedish House Wives. I still look forward to that Sanna, Shirley & Sonja entry actually happening soon. I’ve been waiting forever. Also, Charlotte and Lena should do a ”Killing Me Tenderly” soon. This was brilliant (couldn’t find any with English subtitles unfortunately):

    And just imagine that LMI (Lisa, Molly and Isa) performance in 20 years! With that said, I do not look forward to that joint Ewald, Saade and Hagman comeback.

  16. BOP.

    I laughed so hard when Sweden missed the final that year. It's a bit like Spain this year, the fans were celebrating when they came in last place. SVT changed the voting process after 2010, giving 50% to the international juries. I’m far from happy with them, but even this year they helped ”Hold On” from becoming the winner so I’m quietly supporting them.

    (Until they fuck up again.)
  17. One of Robin's treadmill buddies (2014):

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  18. Me on Nov 30th:

    Me on Dec 1st:
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  19. Me on 26 July 1952

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