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Random Melodifestivalen Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Oh hey, look at who is duetting!

    And what a great list of songwrit--
    dd.jpg OH COME ON
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  2. For some reason I misread DUELLING at first, instead of duetting. Like this was Andra Chansen.

    And then I remember she didn't even reached the duels phase ddddd poor girl.

    Song is cute, Liamoo/Hanna Ferm duet style. But I wouldn't listen to it again unless they shoved it down a playlist I follow
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  4. "The Second Chance round (Andra chansen) is the fifth heat in which the remaining four entries to the final are chosen. The third- and fourth-placed songs from each semi-final (eight songs in total) compete in the event."
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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m brave now badabadabadaba hey now

  6. This really should have been among the top 11 for the 2009 final, great bop by the sisters! You just know had they progressed to the final in Globen, that Björkman would have given them the opening slot, just like 1989.
  7. I'm gonna need SVT to put old shows up on their player or YouTube even if it's just finales.
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  8. Especially since some people have already done the work for them:

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  9. And thankfully the only one of these five that is copyright blocked is the one that's on öppet arkiv (2005).
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  10. Thank you for these. Don't know why I didn't think to look for these. With no Eurovisionagain this weekend it will give me something to watch.
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  11. There is en person on twitter who has #AndraMelfest on Friday nights. Might be worth a look for you?
  12. Oooh I had seen that but had now idea how they were watching it. Might need to look into this tomorrow night.
  13. Looks like they all watch it on youtube. The guy who organises it is based in UK so they need something available there.
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  14. I wasn't born when this bop was competing but I really enjoy it. Found it after somebody covered it on Allsång last week.
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  15. Low key learning the moves lmao. Shirley Clamp really is a MF icon, I wish she'd won it at some point.
  16. Today's mood:
    Melodifestivalen - The Angsty Side

  17. Yearly reminder that this was brilliant:

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  18. The prospect of Loreen, Benjamin Ingrosso, and Lili och Sussie doing the others’ songs on the next series of Så mycket bättre ... I await the cringe and the crazy.
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  19. Oh no! I was just reading Carola's wikipedia (because I wondered if there was an english version of Stormvind)

    Turns out she's the Swedish Donna Summer who was kinda homophobic back in the days?? I had no idea.

    Also turns out there is an english version of Stormvind, just not available on Spotify in my region.
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  20. I was about to type "back in the days? It just happened!" but then realized that 2001 was almost 20 years ago now.

    How does this one strike you though?
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