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Random Melodifestivalen Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. At least we still have this

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  2. And this?
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  3. Is it a territory-specific thing, maybe? I have at least 5 clips that I can play.
  4. Wait I can still watch these two:

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  5. I guess they mean the performance with Danny Saucedo?
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  7. "This video contains content from SVT who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"

    Sweden is the victim of a hate crime
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  8. this not being on Spotify feels homophobic
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  9. Still loving this basic bop in Italian

  10. I've never followed Melodifestivalen aside from taking a peek at the PJ threads every now and then, and it was only very recently that I found out Andra Chansen isn't actually the name of some Swedish singer

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  11. The way this is a running joke in the group chat nn
  12. Weird that no one entered a song called like that yet.
  13. This made me think of a friend's (non English speaking) friend who said "You really like this singer called Various Artists."
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  14. DAS


    Who do people predict to be in Melfest 2022? I think some of these could be possible...

    Clara Klingenström, Oscar Zia, Anis Don Demina, Carola, Frida Green, Emil Assergard, Kadiatou, LIAMOO, Mariette, Malou Prytz, Bishara, Lina Hedlund, Jon Hendrik, Martin Stenmarck, Omar Rudberg, Renaida and Linda Bengtzing
  15. Maybe if her label forces her again
  16. Linda just had a go in 2020...which Schlager diva hasn't done it for a while? Maybe Shirley? Lena seems to not be interested period any more.
  17. 35 years ago!

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  18. Missing her.

    [crying emoji]
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I can kinda see Charlotte giving it another go after having a decent reception this year. I hope so.
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