Random Melodifestivalen Thoughts

Molly Hammar and Måns have been confirmed for this years Så mycket bättre. I wonder if any other Melfest favs will join the lineup. Last years group of singers was a bit disappointing so I hope they’ve stepped it up for this year.


they // she
In other news, everyone's favourite former Mello host Gina Dirawi released a very good Lykke Li album yesterday:


Gina's album is one of my faves from this year for sure. She's got a new track out, a new version of the theme from Swedish series Tunna blå linjen, now with Gina singing in Arabic. I'm obsessed.


Not the major bop I was expecting from the first snippet, the first snippet is only a small part of the bridge and I'm so mad because the melody is amazing
@popknark2 I need your expertise. That Agnes song “More Than A Girl” that they disqualified in 2006 because she said the title in an interview. Did the public ever get to hear it?