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Random Melodifestivalen Thoughts

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by KamikazeHeart, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. There's worse out there.
    Paul Rey has a new song, which I will not violate this forum by posting.
  2. DAS


    Molly Hammar and Måns have been confirmed for this years Så mycket bättre. I wonder if any other Melfest favs will join the lineup. Last years group of singers was a bit disappointing so I hope they’ve stepped it up for this year.
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  3. It is not. It's this:
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  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m brave now
    Ajsjsowoaksnsnaoaosijsbdbse NOW
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  5. Our fave dancer Edin just married… a woman. I thought all this time he was gay. Whoops.

    I just saw it on Eric Saade instastory.
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  6. A&E


    Gina's album is one of my faves from this year for sure. She's got a new track out, a new version of the theme from Swedish series Tunna blå linjen, now with Gina singing in Arabic. I'm obsessed.

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  7. We love a cover girl!!
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  8. So she stopped driving trains and started working on them instead?
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  9. The article (at least the robot-translated version) didn’t mention anything other than driving.
  10. Acceptable!


  11. Not the major bop I was expecting from the first snippet, the first snippet is only a small part of the bridge and I'm so mad because the melody is amazing
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  12. Christmas is cancelled!!!

    Well maybe Dr Anna will save it!

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  13. Legend has it that travelers who trespass through the fog in the forests of Sweden will hear only one thing before they meet their untimely deaths:

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  14. Looks like we’re getting another popstar-laden series of Let’s Dance

    Andreas will dance with a female partner BOOOOOOO
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