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Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. What an album.
  2. It's Miley. I'm a bit sad that never got officially released, it's still an excellent basic bop.
  3. TUNE!
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  4. Unexpectedly slain

  5. Oh... my new Sony phone is ringing!

    Legitimately brilliant song though.
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  6. theaux.
  7. Neneh's hair...is...an adjective.
  8. 2014

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  9. I miss The Dolly Rockers

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  10. K94


    Maybe not worth 300 milli but what a song! It was a cute time when all the Disney girls churned out a decent lead.

  11. What a fucking album.

  12. o wow what a bop
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  13. I love everything about them and everything they stood for. They really were a phenomenon.
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  14. I hate when members leave a group; 1) It ruins the elusion of what groups/bands stand for.
    2)if you really do it all for "The Fans" you would just suck it up tbh (there is worse thing you could be doing/your finally getting your chance, you should break up organically)
    3)It makes you look some type of way (selfish/big headed so on. people in the real world are in worse predicaments and can't just leave)
    4)Your messing with other peoples lively hood not just your own (you don't know the outcome afterwards. makes it seem like you don't care about them or never cared in the first place).

  15. Just been stuck in my head all day!
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  17. Warum schmerzt es
    Warum schmerzt es
    Wenn mein Herz den Schlag verpasst?
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