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Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Today I randomly remembered the boyband, Billiam. Do y'all remember Billiam?
  2. Erasure's "Chains of Love" is the best song.

    EDIT: Actually it's either Chains of Love or this.

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  3. What a masterpiece

  4. endgame found dead in a ditch.

  5. This song deserved better tbh.
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  6. I'm feeling just a little dizzy
    Do you think i can sit down for a while?
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  7. Every Rihanna single ranked cos I'm supposed to be on holiday and instead I'm lying in bed stoned doing this.

    1. Kiss It Better
    2. What’s My Name
    3. Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z)
    4. Russian Roulette
    5. Love on the Brain
    6. Wait Your Turn
    7. Work (feat. Drake)
    8. Man Down
    9. Needed Me
    10. We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris)

    11. Bitch Better Have My Money
    12. Hard
    13. Rehab
    14. Pour It Up
    15. Stay (feat. Micky Ekko)
    16. Rude Boy
    17. Where Have You Been
    18. Pon de Replay
    19. Only Girl (In the World)
    20. Don’t Stop the Music

    21. SOS
    22. California King Bed
    23. Cheers (Drink to That)
    24. Disturbia
    25. Cockiness (feat. A$AP Rocky)
    26. Te Amo
    27. Take a Bow
    28. If It’s Lovin’ That You Want
    29. Shut Up and Drive
    30. Hate That I Love You (feat. Ne-Yo)

    31. Break It Off
    32. What Now
    33. Rockstar 101
    34. Talk That Talk (feat. Jay-Z)
    35. We Ride
    36. S&M
    37. Unfaithful
    38. FourFiveSeconds (feat. Kanye West & Paul McCartney)
    39. Diamonds
    40. Sledgehammer
    41. You da One
    42. Right Now (feat. David Guetta)

  8. dddddddd. why do i like this so much

  9. Love this!
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  10. That dog though.
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  11. Much better than the album version for me.
  12. K94


    I've resigned to the fact that this Charlie Puth album is going to be...good.
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  13. love yourself
  14. K94


    NOT when those girlbands you stan have less material than a hit clip xx
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  15. girl, charlie puth tho
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