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Random Pop Thoughts

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by RJF, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Over a month ago I watched some Tasmin Archer videos on YouTube. When I was done watching her that night, the video below autoplayed.... and now it has ever since. No matter what music videos I watch on there Michael Penn 'No Myth' always autoplays after my selection.

    Random, but oddly comforting.
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  2. Still some of the best crowd commentary ever.
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  3. Literally about 22 years late to the party, but whew. A song.

    Flexing vocabulary runs right through me,
    The alphabet runs right from A to Z
    Conversations, hesitations in my mind,
    You got my conscience asking questions that I can't find
    I'm not crazy,
    I'm sure I ain't done nothing wrong,
    I'm just waiting,
    'Cause I heard that this feeling won't last that long

    Ms Shaznay. She did that.
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  4. Anthem of my youth.
  5. Jesus Christ this song is good. The production is unreal.

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  6. Re-reading the Marina thread from when Handmade Heaven was released is such a scream, we had NO IDEA what was about to happen.
  7. ops


    Relisting to The Family Jewels for the first time in ... quite a while tonight. Four of the first five are still incredible. The fifth, well, they can't all be winners.
  8. Girls </3
  9. A bit like you with 3,141 posts and 7 likes.
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    Considering that that was my first post since likes were introduced...
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  11. Currently relistening to, and weirded out by, this jam.

  12. I love this music video. It's like a little movie and I did not expect that twist.


  13. A friend of mine, her son died recently. He was 24. She came to my house for dinner, cried a little. I emailed her these songs to help her through her grief, and fuck, I'm Like a Bird still bitch slaps the fuck out of me. It's so cathartic.
  14. We love a court mandated recording session.
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