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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. Well I don’t eat poutine but it seems stupid to just do the same thing and give it a new name. Murricans.
  2. Also @sexercise, I constantly want to move away from where I live and maybe I will one day. But my psychiatrist made a really good point to me, which was that moving somewhere new isn’t going to magically fix my problems. He suggested that I first work on making where I live better for me, so that’s what I’m going to do for now. One of those steps was finally telling my mom about my sexuality so I can maybe be more open and go on dates. Another might be finally getting my drivers license.

    I couldn’t imagine moving somewhere without a job, but I also realize I’m in a different life stage than you.
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    That's it thanks 4 coming 2 my TED talk​
  4. True, that's definitely something to take into consideration.

    Thanks to everyone who's been talking to me in here today! It went from me posting a semi-joke about my life being a bit messy to everyone giving me some good advice. This forum is a mess a lot of times but most of you are genuinely great. Remember to stream buy reputation!
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  5. Just to chime in on the advice a bit: to @ohnostalgia's point, moving won't change everything unless you have a strong foundation, especially with yourself psychologically. It's a long story, but basically after promising myself at like 7 years old I'd get as far away as possible from my hometown, I ended up working my ass off and moving to California for college. It was a relief at first, but in retrospect, I had no idea how ill-equipped/unstable/fragile I was. The proverbial rug got pulled out beneath me pretty quickly and...honestly I'm often surprised I'm still alive today.

    There were ebbs and flows and another real and scary low point, but after like 3 years working with a truly great therapist I was able to finally get everything together. That's when everything really clicked and I was able to actually enjoy where I was. All this to say, it takes a lot of work. And I was employed and high functioning during all of this, so my basics were more than accounted for. Just be very thoughtful when making your decision. The payoff is beyond measure (like, you have no idea how thankful I am to have had all those experiences), but it's a real challenge, and one that requires a good support system along the way. There's value in building up that support system or like personal skills or tools to help you get through challenges for such a drastic change.
  6. Why isn't Melanie Martinez more popular here? Cry Baby is perfection.
  7. Ddd I scrolled past this ad so quickly I thought it said Carly Rae Jepsen at first [​IMG]
  8. "Creamy ranch with a jalapeno kick" sounds like a description of reputation.
  10. Everyone seems to love cheese cake except me....I hate it.

  11. I have watched this at least 25 times in a row just now.
  12. They're just filming this outside of a Target? I forget the absolute mundanity of being a suburban teenager.
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  13. Oh

    oh okay
  14. Hi Andette Funicello
  15. Hi Lauren Boobcall (I tried) how's New York
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  16. Like this

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  17. I'm... really glad this meme somehow passed me by.
  18. Why do I get so many colds? God trying to end me?

    @God if you wanna fight let’s fight for real, put your location on nough of this petty shit
  19. Stay right there sis I'll be over with some antifreeze Gatorade
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  20. Thx for the offer of murder I genuinely appreciate it and wish I could, but I already made plans with @aaronhansome. We’re going to open a bottle of NyQuil and get weird.
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