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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. Dddd I feel like we’ve exchanged true crime story links in the past

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  2. A girl in my grade had TB once and the entire grade had to get vaccinations because of her.
    As soon as I read "Taking advantage, he began dropping off her cats at kill shelters." I thought "I hope he's dead".

    And well, talent always wins.

  3. Wait, I didn't realise the thing about the TB was still in my post from yesterday.

  4. oh man everything hurts
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  5. I was feeling nostalgic and bopping to Survivor this morning at work and then this tune came on and I just realised it's such a slut shaming tune that the girls should be ashamed of themselves.

    What happened to women supporting women?
  6. Poor artist management (300 pgs). It’s no wonder they’re so bad at planning album cycle eras now.
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  7. UM. WOW. While I enjoyed reading it, it's such a horrific sequence of events.
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  8. Have this opened in a new tab to read it on the bus to work. Ready for my downfall and perched for my incoming paranoia towards my roommates. xo
  9. I've only just started reading this and:
    This Alex lady is already dumb as fuck.
  10. That entire article.

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  11. Today she's wearing a bright yellow t-shirt that reads "WINNING AT LIFE" in sparkly red disco font.

  12. Is your colleague Kenneth from Benidorm?
  13. Tomorrow morning I'll be embarking on my nationwide tour of Japan.

  14. Ooo I love true crime stuff. I just got done reading Devil in the White City and am now about halfway through The Road to Jonestown. Let me take a look.
  15. Suddenly the fact I quietly rile myself up when my flatmate doesn't put the dishes away feels very... minor.
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  16. My work colleague just kicked me off the file sharing site we use to discuss projects and she replaced it with a new email for me, and now all of my projects are gone, I can't find a single thing, and I can't log onto the wifi anymore.

  17. Just as I’m starting to look for a house share to move into. Fucking hell nope
  18. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I still think about my bizarre flatmate who put a padlock on the fridge after we had moved our stuff out but still had keys to the place. What on earth did he have in there?
  19. Wow. This was fascinating, horrifying, and sad. I feel for his family.

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