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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. Admittedly I haven’t ever been a huge follower but aren’t covers the whole reason they had a career to begin with?
  2. That thread never fails to bring the kiis
  3. Yes. Two of their biggest hits are covers of well-known pop songs (Tragedy and Chain Reaction). And their first single was a novelty dance song with a line-dancing routine, released two years after Cotton Eyed Joe and a year after Macarena... Their second single was a cover of a Bananarama flop.
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  4. In other news, Ronan Farrow just liked a comment I made on his latest Insta post and my journalist crush just deepened for no logical reason.
  5. @stuaw hasn't sent me bussy pics yet
  6. Slide in those DMs sis, get the boochie pics ready x
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  7. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    LOVE how Steps are a constant topic of discussion in this thread when will your faves serve such longevity xxx
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  8. The boochie. It quivers.
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  9. Me liking all your posts mocking the Steps thread despite never actually stepping foot in Comeback Corner, let alone reading the thread itself

  10. RJF


    Probably while Steps are cancelling their summer tour dates.

  11. Ronan is great but I will never read that surname and not think of "mia farrow and her black children"
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  12. 2014

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    they aren't jessie j sis they're very much in their rightful place in Pop & Justice xx
  13. Their horrendous cover of 'Better The Devil You Know' has been scientifically proven to cheapen everyone within a 12 mile radius of wherever it's been played.
  14. 2014

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    A bop!
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  15. Forums -> Off Topic -> Random Steps Thoughts
  16. Love u more. x
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  17. LTG


    Deeper Shade of Blue is a bop. Everything else is trash.
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  18. I always liked it when they'd rip off ABBA's The Winner Takes It All for their ballads.
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  19. Mood is Hilary Duff exposing and dragging her weed-smoking neighbour who gets his rent paid by his parents by posting several Instagram stories with his name and profile. Sis has had enough.
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  20. They cancelled 2 dates out of an entire tour.

    Not bad considering it's only a few months after their last completely sell out tour.

    Funny how you bunch of sad twats are constantly going on about how irrelevant they are and yet you can't ever keep their name out of your mouths.
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