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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. Intimacy is not overrated. I'll take that any day over the prospect of sexy sex.
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  2. There are gays who only do frotting.

    I once knew a gay guy who didn't like anal of any kind -- I think there are lots of people like that.
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  3. It's a common misconception that gay men engage in penetrative sex as often as people think. Most generally don't, or do it sparingly.
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  4. Intimacy is sexy. It's very intense.
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  5. I've never did anal with anyone and not a single guy I've slept with has had a problem with that.
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  6. Kissing is the best part, definitely. No matter how attractive someone is, if they're a crap kisser then it just ruins everything.
  7. So damn true. Also, I hooked up with a guy once who was a bad kisser and also decided it would be sexy to stick his tongue in my ear. What.
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  8. This is all so fascinating. It's like I'm sitting right here reading Erica Jong's diary.
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  9. That can be pretty sexy, though.
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  10. Like, deep in the ear canal? Wet willy style? Why is an earful of saliva generally considered a prank then?

    Let's just say that's not sexy at all to me. All I could think was, "Dear lord, I hope I cleaned my ears well enough this morning."
  11. This is what led to my first real kiss/make-out session. Granted I was a bit emotional and he saw it as an opportunity to comfort me, but that contact on the ear felt real nice and it just naturally progressed to something even better.
    What the fuck? No. Light touching and caressing.
  12. This sounds... off-putting. Like, a little nibble isn't too bad, but the thought of someone essentially trying to clean your ear out just seems weird.
  13. That's a Japanese thing apparently, it's weird. Nibbling your ear can be hot but sticking your tongue into the ear canal is just...unsanitary.
  14. A nibble on the earlobe is entirely different from the tongue in the ear hole. Trust.
  15. *clutches pearls*

    Link us?
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  16. Okay, that's a bit much but there's a lot you can do with the ear. It's like two vaginas but on your head.
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  17. I think you're joking, but there's a small part of me that is worried you're not and now I'm scared.
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  18. I'm not! Trust me, playing with a guy's ear is the easiest way to seduce him. Well, I guess putting your hand down his pants would be easier but that's just crude.
  19. It's the neck actually. Just shoving your hand into his pants is never hot.

    This is feeling like a Cosmo column but more tragic.
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