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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. I've spent, like, five minutes trying to elegantly qualify my love for Jimmy Eat World and what they meant to me as I was growing up but I'm not coming up with anything good so I'm just going to say that I also fucking love Jimmy Eat World.

    And now I've begun spinning Integrity Blues because it's been a while.
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  2. Futures is a phenomenal album that I don't listen to nearly enough.
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  3. Futures is really good but I don't listen to it that as much as I used to because it can... take you places at certain points and I'm not always ready and willing to go there.

    Clarity --> Bleed American --> Futures --> Chase This Light is such a fascinating run of albums. All feel essential (even Chase This Light, despite what people say about it -- it brought some much needed light at the end of the tunnel), all feel essentially Jimmy Eat World, but at points they really vary in tone and soundscape.
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  4. Ew. Can't stand people who are just so unnecessarily pompous and rude and go out of their way to invalidate other people's feelings. No thank you.
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  5. Heartbeat Song got me through some real shit
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  6. Sis, relax -- all I did was submit my Cher Lloyd scores.
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  7. Not even...that could diminish just how much of a Jamâ„¢ The Middle is.
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  8. I've been listening to Shether for like three days hjalp
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  9. Me but with Hands to Myself for...some reason
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  10. *sees an opportunity to praise Hands To Myself and breaks an ankle running to it* The reason is that it's one of the best pop songs of the last few years--which is no surprise considering it was made by Justin & Julia and Mattman & Robin and Max Martin, which is like the Avengers of 2015-16 pop.
  11. Don't forget the Mexican Madonna & ha whispering.
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  12. They definitely picked the right singles from that record.
  13. Poor

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  14. I'll never forgive her for releasing Kill My Momentum With Kindness over this.
  15. Kill Em With Kindness was one of the worst single choices a pop girl has ever made. Sober and Me and the Rhythm were right there.
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  16. Me & the Rhythm would've been such an easy top 20 hit. The Coke campaign started right around the time Hands to Myself ran its course & we were heading into summer. The timing could not have been more perfect. It was one of those times where the label probably should've stepped in.
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  17. Chase this Light is my favourite album from them, it's such a tight record. I saw them live for the first time tonight and man, it was incredible. They're so willing to play the jams from all their albums (poor Invented and Damages only getting the one song.) and I got to hear one of my favourite songs ever (A Praise Chorus) live. Like it was just non-stop and their latest album was such a return to form I think.

    love them.
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  18. Dance Dance Dance to the Distortion!
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  19. My roommate always takes snaps of hot guys in the gym and now I have used a fake chat thinig to make it say like one told me he knows and is disgusted by it. I think they know anyway but I send him a screenshot yesterday (of that I made) and he felt super disgusted with himself and felt like vomiting and wants to switch gyms. How am I gonna tell him it was fake (if?)
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  20. [​IMG]
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