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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Someboy, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. Which Halsey song is this?
  2. This is all very true actually, Regretamine™ is the go to, I believe.
  3. And that's sincerely @R92
  4. I'm home but I'm still doing chores

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  5. @R92 Yesterday for lunch I got a bottle of Diet Coke and it had the word "TORONTO" printed on it, inspired by your Instagram pics of fabulous Canadian architecture.
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  6. It's so you to analyze a coke bottle for the detail.
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  7. It's 2 years today since I joined the forum and I'm so glad that I did, thanks for the laughs gals x

  8. Ovid...sis...hun,

    I know exile was shit but did you have to write so much dull poetry about how miserable you were.
  9. I went to straight bars in downtown Chicago and let me tell you, it is bleak.

    I didn't know new money douche was such an in look down there.
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  10. my


    where'd you


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  11. Congratulations on not changing the way (you used to be), and just wanting to have fun (and get rowdy)


    In my mind, y'know? In my mind! *nods furiously*
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  12. This is a crime against taste.
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  13. art*
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  14. *legend

    why y'all acting brand new
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  15. is actually the title of my new single
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