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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I think I have the flu

    Sabi’s impact

    Her influenza was influential
  2. ugh I hated the Pharmarusical
  3. Did I just cancel training because I have a slight twitch on my left leg, and want to head home to eat spaghetti, play video games and talk crap about my feelings to my best Judy over the phone?

  4. Looking at her Wikipedia, one of her 20 Grammy nominations is listed as 'Recovery', the Eminem album... Is that Wikipedia being stupid and her going along with it or...
  5. All featured performers get nominated for Album Of The Year along with the main artist/writers/producers. That's how Mahalo Pop Queen Colbie Callait technically has an AOTY trophy thanks to Taylor.
  6. Firstly, that's bullshit. Secondly, I can see how I would've missed this technicality for so long since most AOTYs don't have featured artists
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  7. Is she drunk on her birthday, yelling Florence and the Machine songs like a dog in heat?

  8. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    did I get an elderly guy to buy a copy of Phoenix today after he asked for something 'Best of British but chill'


    ugh my mind
  9. She’s making a meatball and orzo stew thing for dinner...

    Life moods for February, it’s still cold, stay fat, fatty!
  10. Anyone got a link to the Khia "electric chair" video

    nvm dd

  11. oh I just want you to COME with meee

    we on anutha menTALideee

  12. Did I manage to successfully cook rice for the first time ever today?


    Will I end up with food poisoning this time tomorrow regardless?

  13. Honestly some of you bitches are just natural selection in the making
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. The world: I-

    Intern at BET:

  16. @BEST FICTION have you reached this culinary level yet
  17. Rice is the only thing I can cook successfully.

  18. ...people’s favourite pop star being someone they most likely grew up with isn’t that shocking.
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  19. Me when my boss asks me for my medical certificate after my third Monday off in a row.

  20. Samantha Mumba on her way to collect her €5 paycheck from the local spa that ran me an Instagram stock photo ad of a woman sipping champagne with Always Come Back to Your Love playing on loop:

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