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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. shaileen woodley watch this ass clap
  2. Stumbling upon @BEST FICTION falling back into her old habit of Iggy Azalea stanning

  3. I still follow her on Twitter, that’s the only reason I know anything dd.
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  4. Episodes of Batman: The Animated Series I suddenly remembered I needed to watch for the 34th time to me as I try to prepare for a job interview in 3 hours time
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  5. My conscience trying to pull me away from this pink hell to do some actual work.
  6. Swedish pop peaked with this.
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  7. I attended a Music of Harry Potter concert last night

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  8. You’re in Edinburgh, go buy one
  9. I live in New Zealand and the events of today make me want to cry. I feel so shaken by it.
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  10. The tumbleweed reaction on here after she baited the gays so hard has me cackling.
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  11. It's absolutely devastating. There are lots of supportive people here and if you need to chat you only have to reach out. Thinking of you.
  12. Another day getting paid to post on Popjustice all day long.
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  13. Me looking at job vacancies and evaluating just how much time I'd be able to spend procrastinating online versus now

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  14. My inner PJ ghey being suppressed while I have access to the collab playlist for a party tonight

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  15. I just wanna go back

    back to 1999
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  16. Me taking up an entire conference room so I can kiki on here while my coworkers argue over who gets the last remaining room for their presentations

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  17. Being one of three Irish people in an office of 100, while everyone is dressed in green and blaring traditional music because it's St. Patrick's Day this weekend.

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  18. Me wearing my MUNA t-shirt to work and my Finnish manager saying it means 'egg' in her language

  19. aux


    Me realising I'll be working at a bar during St. Patrick's Day

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