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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. The mods (the shite ones that aren’t 2014 or Soli) continuing to show off their tone deafness in the thread astounds me
  2. mm a seizure salad
  3. Eurovision is a disease.
  4. I have very little to do on my night shifts so usually I spread them out so I'm not completely out of my mind with boredom but today I did everything before midnight meaning I've got 7 hours of absolutely nothing to do.
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  5. You rang?
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  6. My mood on this binch tonight

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  7. Imagine if Kylie was doing the gig instead of Madonna and having to explain to her majority Euro-nationalist fanbase on this forum why it’s wrong to take money from Zionists.

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  8. I’d be giving her ass just as much hell if not more. And yes it’s weird where some of this is people being pissed about Eurovision receiving backlash while ignoring the whole other aspect of fucking Israel and then also making excuses on that end.
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  9. i got laid last night and decided to skip work cause my body is sore (lol) and my coworker texts me saying that another one is saying i am "OBVIOUSLY not sick"

    okay and?
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  10. Can’t people just let me be.
  11. [​IMG]

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  12. Gwen is not fucking around with her stupid ass neighbors.
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  13. @SockMonkey do something we can't let @inevitable dox @RJF like this
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  14. I swear some of those fags have worms in their brain. All......that for what's probably going to be a hideous, off-key performance of Like A Prayer while she wears a bedazzled eyepatch?? I have to laugh. Madame X is a hypocrite.
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  15. The worm on Eurovision night after several days' malnutrition:

  16. Oh good, itv have finally cancelled that trash Jeremy Kyle show
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  17. aux


    These two posts being back to back is sending me.
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  18. I bit my lip the other day with the strength of a thousand sumo fighters and it’s now so fucking swollen

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