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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. i got laid last night and decided to skip work cause my body is sore (lol) and my coworker texts me saying that another one is saying i am "OBVIOUSLY not sick"

    okay and?
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  2. Can’t people just let me be.
  3. [​IMG]

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  4. Gwen is not fucking around with her stupid ass neighbors.
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  5. @SockMonkey do something we can't let @inevitable dox @RJF like this
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  6. I swear some of those fags have worms in their brain. All......that for what's probably going to be a hideous, off-key performance of Like A Prayer while she wears a bedazzled eyepatch?? I have to laugh. Madame X is a hypocrite.
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  7. The worm on Eurovision night after several days' malnutrition:

  8. Oh good, itv have finally cancelled that trash Jeremy Kyle show
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  9. aux


    These two posts being back to back is sending me.
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  10. I bit my lip the other day with the strength of a thousand sumo fighters and it’s now so fucking swollen

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  11. shut up moose
  12. Comeback Corner teas.
  13. Doing King @RainOnFire dirty
  14. Does anyone have a link to Regina Hall's iconic "did you get the girl? did more money magically appear in your wallet?" rant.
  15. Ffff I woke up to see the Matron X thread had been locked and thought Eurovision must have already happened

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  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Well I got sunburnt yesterday
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  17. In the home stretch of my master's thesis. I can and I will do this.
  18. Ddd in their defence I was only talking about the mods who had posted in the thread
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