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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. See you at Carly in July, cyst!
  2. I wanna be, freeeeeeeeee


    from the dark that lives deep inside of me

  3. I was wondering if there still any use for Snapchat now that Instagram story took over. Do people even use that anymore other than exchanging nudes and such? kii
  4. Me modeling the romper that I bought


    I hopped on Grindr out of curiosity and my AirBnB host was on there and asked me if I wanted to jerk off with him nooooooo!
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  6. Scream! that good old southern hospitality.
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  7. I... politely declined, needless to say.

    Also wait, he thought I was straight the whole time because "only straight guys can't figure out how to work the lock on the front door."

    Drag me, sis.
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  8. My fav Mario Kart track <3
  9. I’m being relentlessly dragged and beaten by the Carly and Tyler albums tonight just wow
  10. I've worked far too much the past two weeks, and now my sleep schedule is really fucked up.
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  11. Truly what I was expecting last weekend and all I got was a beer.

  12. Ar you staying in a barn with that gay honey boo boo uncle sis?
  13. Did somebody say "T o o M u c h"?

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  14. Did he offer you a discount?
  15. I say do it.
    Air Blow N Bottom
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  16. He ain't cute though.
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  17. Is his dick cute though?
  18. Why don't you go and find out
  19. Thinking about this

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