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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Jamie Oliver is meh but that show where he cooks with just 5 ingredients is addicting. Thank you, PBS!
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  2. Is inoffensive really the right word here tho?

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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I would like to nominate this for Best Picture 2020

  5. I was actually the one to run the inaugural alt-girl rate, but somebody had to pick up the slack when I went on sabbatical I suppose.
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  6. Let's celebrate that!
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  8. me realizing someone I went to school with who I genuinely find to be....extremely unpleasant is now a writer for pitchfork
    birds of a feather and all that
  9. Jamie Oliver is a dick head and his best moment is when he tells kids how chicken nuggets are made and then asks who will still eat them and they all put their hands up
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  10. I've tuned in to Radio One at work, as I always do, and they're having an Ed Sh**r*n listening party.

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  11. I mean, that was your first mistake

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  12. [​IMG]
    You know what ... you're right.

    I don't know why I still listen to Radio One when Clara Amfo is the only decent daytime presenter and Scott Mills is painfully unfunny. And yet, I still do. Muffy, sis, the masochism.
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  13. As soon as you reach 30, Radio 2 comes to beckon you over to the dark side.

    Quite nice actually.
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  14. At least you’re not being forced to listen to Clyde 1 @stuaw
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  15. And I- OOP! I'm 33 in 4 months.


    Oh, God. Poor you.
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  16. Maya Jama has come on and is currently playing Killing Me Softly. No more Ed Sh**r*n.


    Edit: followed by Torn. We have decided to stan forever.
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  17. Spill it, sis.
  18. RJF


    Wouldn’t including Britney’s inflatable understudy’s debut album involve her... having a debut album?
  19. I can't at the curse of Becky G striking again and getting the Power Rangers reboot wiped.
  20. Radio 2 has Zoe Ball and what a fucking Queen she is, so Radio 1 can rot.
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