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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I’ve had an aperol spritz and I could definitely fight a fag or five
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  2. RJF


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  3. That’s the joke dot gaypeg
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  4. BTG


    I was having brunty with a gay recently, and he ordered an aperol spritz. Cue every white woman within 50 feet approaching and asking what it was. Within half an hour, they were all drinking Lucozade coloured beverages. Gays, their impact.
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  5. Alright Ladies, but this is a fucking bop and I won’t hear a word against it...
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  6. It's so strange to see Europeans talk about aperol spritz when it was born in my region and here it's still regarded as the cheapest/most basic/iconic cocktail of choice.
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  7. Welcome to the humiliating reality of western conglomerates bastardizing local culture
  8. @aaronhansome and I heard Ava Maxx in Central Park.

    Talent adjacent!
  9. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I'm listening to Your Type

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  10. Call me Heidi because I don’t see the range

  11. cindy, this is excellence
  12. New Charli. New Pvris. And still new Hayley and Tegan and Sara to go.
  13. Sabrina's like, organic free range mayo huh.
  14. These people whole ass bare feet walking around Forever 21 earlier and then parading around the dressing rooms trying shit on, these middle aged white women lost their fucking minds.

  15. I was just informed that Blue Ivy “Child Of God” Carter is seven years old

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  16. I'm feeling this brother like um...
    Like a big fat person likes their tums
    Like hot Krispy Kremes, everybody want some
    Like Sisqo is feeling girls in thongs

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  17. I would break my floor fan right before a heat wave.
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  18. This is sad. My afro puerto rican relatives in the island have been talking about this since yesterday but this situation has been brewing even before hurricane Maria.

    White puerto ricans for the most part are evil and its a shame they make up majority of the population including the politicians who do not give a crap about afro puerto ricans and indigenous (taino) puerto ricans. The governor Ricardo Rossello is extremely homophobic, racist, and suspiciously (but not surprisingly) made sure the white ricans were aided first after Maria struck. Luckily my relatives on the island didn't get damaged too bad but their friends were refused help by Rossello and his team. They had to urinate on cups for months , days without food each weeks. Its just messed up. He needs to be resigned. He is trash and his lack of compassion, guilt and empathy for the brown and black people on the island speaks volumes. I mean....if this isnt the face of evil...


    I'm glad people like Alexandria Cortex, Rosie perez, roxann dawson, ricky martin and even bad bunny are calling this evil man out. Would be nice if J.lo spoke out too but I'm not expecting her too on account of the white latino solidarity her and her family project. Also glad to see fellow brown and black boricuas calling out white boricuas and their racist bullshit. They are not people of color. They are just spanish speaking white people who are mainly descendants of Spaniards, Canary Islanders, Portuguese and to some extent Italians and Greeks. There is a difference between being an afro puerto rican like Irene Cara and Luis Guzman, mixed ones like Bad Bunny and Anthony Ramos and white ones like Ricardo Rossello, J.Lo and Benicio del toro. I'm also tired of white latinos with the whole "Stop dividing us" bullshit as if they arent the reasons why afro and indigenous latinos are erased from latin media, latin events, latin opportunities etc.
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  19. The last episode of The Bachelorette had the best 20 minutes of television I’ve watched all year

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